Stutters again!

The workaround for the multiplayer bug is to disable multiplayer?

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Until the problem is fixed.

Patient - "Doctor, it hurts when I raise my arm."

Doctor - “Then don’t raise your arm.”

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That would be hilarious if it weren’t also fraud. This thing is turning into the software version of Fyre Festival.

I agree with your statement. Writing “online functionality” was a typo. I should have written “Data Connection”. This is my Options, General, Data Connection setting:

Without knowing the details, I switched off Multiplayer long time ago because I do not use it.

I am not sure where the “fraud” comes in.

As long as the doctor was planning on fixing my arm then I would appreciate the advice if that stopped the pain while I was waiting for the fix.

Pretty sure Asobo will solve the bug. In the meantime you have two choices;

  • Turn off multiplayer and stop the stutters, or
  • continue waving your broken arm over your head.

I will never understand the allure of the “Multiplayer” option to begin with, but I guess that’s just me.

Turning off the multiplayer option in the Data menu is not necessary, (Not that I disagree). Just setting it to group only in the flight settings will allow you to enjoy the functionality of actually flying with your friends while eliminating all the other users from your airspace.


Where can I find that update ?

Yo…where’s Ja?:rofl:

Didn’t fix it for me. Nothing, not even graphics settings lowering settings fixes it. Do Asobo actually QA their work?!!


Then they fix your arm but break your legs in the process!!


I really thought that MSFS , being of the latest technology, would run properly and that all our issues with stuttering were over. For whatever reason, this is not the case. The reasons appear to be multi fold. I do not use multiplayer and I have a high spec PC. With micro stutters and the line running through the horizon and water climbing up cliffs I fear that we have a long way to go. I am drawn to MSFS because the potential is there.

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Its a real pain, I cant fly anywhere with more than 8 Vatsim aircraft at a time or my framerate plummets and my stutters increase

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Well, I think there is ONE computer in the world that runs MSFS 2020 without problems. It is located in Jorg’s office … All QA testing is done on this machine.


I’m old, the only games I play, the only ones on my PC, are MSFS and Microsoft Solitaire. I’ve a pretty decent PC - i9-10940, 64GB’s ram and a 3090, but I’m also now encountering some new and crazy stuttering in Solitaire since the latest Microsoft update. I may be wrong but I don’t believe Solitaire is exactly graphics intensive…
So: is this actually solely a problem brought about by the Microsoft update and nothing to do with MSFS?

Remove the last Windows 10 update. They admitted they screwed something up in there and it has caused some lag and stutter across the board.

Not possible for me I’m afraid. Some folk have that option, some don’t. I don’t.
I’m sure Microsoft will get around to fixing this in their own sweet time. But in the meanwhile one positive is that it’s still a lot less stuttery than the first flight simulator I played, 39 years ago.


It is not true, he said in SDK Q&A yesterday it was in his basement, and it is an Xbox :slight_smile:

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I didn’t ‘get’ the multiplayer thing that much until I started doing some flights with people, chatting via Discord, and it has turned into so much fun. And I am an old dude so not a gamer well used to MP.

Hope you don’t mind the shameless plug but come join us if you’d like to give it a try:
:small_airplane:EP34 Adventure Through The Skies - Colorado Rockies - Community / Community Events - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Can chat at the MSFS Official Discord - a channel will open up there, at about 7PM tonight, you can ask anything, make a comment, or just listen and have fun flying - our group is old and young and every age in between.

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EDIT: Meant to reply to the multi-quoted post from BufordTX :slight_smile:

Thanks for the invite. Sounds like fun. Will check my wife’s schedule. :wink: