4K Blues


I have an older 4K (@60hz) monitor that I use for FS2020.
My Asus 3080 does a great job but I really feel that my 4K monitor stuck at 60hz is my weak link
for optimizing performance.

I was looking at a LG 27GN800-B 27 Inch Ultragear QHD (2560 x 1440) IPS Gaming Monitor with IPS 1ms (GtG) Response Time / 144Hz Refresh Rate and NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible with AMD FreeSync Premium as a replacement for my old 4K.

Any thoughts?

Sincerely appreciate the assistance!

On the contrary with that monitor you should be able to set the refresh rate at 30 Hz and lock MSFS to that value. I wish I were able to do that on my 144 Hz monitor.
MSFS will not deliver more than 60 fps in many cases anyway, and 30 Hz with 30 fps seems a very good (and cheap) solution to have smoothness.



If you want a new monitor fine but the refresh rate of a monitor is not holding you back.

I don’t know what boogie man got you kids hooked on V-Sync like chocolate covered crack biscuits but unless you have screen tearing you can turn it off and let your fps run wild and free.


I’ve never had any improvement when turning my LG 4k 55 inch panel to 30Hz and locking the frame rate to 30. It appears jerky to me, whereas 60Hz and unlimited fps runs very smooth. IDK, I just want to enjoy a CTD free flight.

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Only get it if you want it, otherwise…

  • You won’t use 144hz for MSFS, even in 1440p.
  • G-Sync is basically broken in MSFS.
  • 1ms, blah, blah… none of that is for flight sims.

I have a 32-inch 1440p with similar highlights to the above mentioned and its a waste of monitor for MSFS but great for shooters and other non-Sim titles. I normally run 4K 60hz on a sim cockpit and do miss it.

There is nothing wrong with using 60hz for MSFS especially at 4K resolution. You could try overclocking your display and even use free/fast-sync if you want to disable Vsync.

What frames are you getting in MSFS?

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I am averaging 45fps but it will go lower if the aircraft has more glass panels in it.
I have lowered the render scaling as that is what really makes the biggest impact on my FPS.
My CPU is running all cores at 4.9ghz.

Which is excellent for this sim.

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I played the sim flawless with 3900x, 3080 in 4K with most things on ultra.
30ish on ground… 45-55 in the sky

Well, until the recent updates. It’s unplayable on ground, stutters when turning

How does that fit into this thread?

Are you CPU bound? As long as you can’t get more than 60fps, what’s the use of a higher refresh rate?
I highly doubt you’d get any happier with another screen in MSFS while higher refresh rates are certainly great for other software and games.

Could you elaborate? What do you mean with “basically broken”?

If the rig is for flightsimming only 4K @ 60hz is more than enough for the sim. This is a slow and steady affair. Not a first person shooter (FPS).

If you are going to play an FPS based game and need the monitor to be accurate and responsive above 60fps @4k fine… but it would be only for that benefit.

I’m running a 4K 27” monitor and my sweet spot is with rendering at 80. I also set both the terrain level of detail and the object level of detail at 100.
Using a 3080 GTX and a 10900k cpu.

Search the forum, you will find plenty of discussions of how G-Sync does not work in MSFS for many users including myself. Some users may assume it works because they already have Vsync enabled by default and the game is limited to 60fps.

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Now I am averaging 50fps…

I haven’t a clue. Hope the G-Sync gets fixed / re-implemented soon.

V sync does work for me.
Default settings in Nvidia.

Vsync off in MSFS
gsync on in Nvidia settings.

Open msfs dev mode and showing FPS.
Open Alianware FPS setting and both show the same (and change every sec) so perfectly inline with both counters.

This is proof for me it works.

If gsync is not working the monitor FPS counter shows 120 (hz) (static).

How can G-Sync NOT work in MSFS? There are NO settings, switches, or buttons to enable or disable G-Sync. G-Sync is a conversation between the GPU and the monitor. The GPU tells the monitor the frame rate of the frame it is sending. The monitor adjusts its refresh rate to the GPU instructions. If a frame is sent at 20 hz, the monitor refresh rate will adjust to 20hz. The GPU FPS and the monitor refresh rate match for every single frame up to the monitor’s max refresh rate.

V-Sync is completely different and is not needed with G-Sync. V-Sync tells the GPU of the frequency of frames so it can queue frames properly for the monitor.

Why you feel the need to go off “splaining” is beyond me…

Take it up with everyone on the topic of G-Sync not working in MSFS.

I was only pointing out why those things do not matter in MSFS but a few of you guys are too busy trying to create arguments that derail this discussion.

You can lock to 30hz anyway, it will be very smooth even on a60hz monitor. Thats what i do.
Otherwise you can try to create a custom resolution with 30Hz.

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Gsync work very poorly and unreliable on my end. Its not like in other games where i just turn it on and it works. Its the only game i cant use gsync…

This should have been an answer to @PacificSet90456

Can someone in this thread explain to me why you would want to use any type of sync in this sim?

AFAIK - not many here are getting more than 60fps.

Lowest refresh rates of most modern monitors are over 60hrz.

If your monitor syncs to 30fps it’s going to be like sitting in front of a strobe light.

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