4simmers liveries pack

They got caught stealing freeware liveries and had to sign a contract with the original artist.

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Thats correct although its all been sorted now microsoft must still be looking into it all

Question…in the North America pack, it said that WestJet & VivaAerobus would be added.

They updated it sometime this week with the 8K liveries, but WestJet couldn’t be found. VivaAerobus has been in the package for a while, but no WestJet.

Anyone have any ideas why WestJet is no where to be seen?

That bring the case shouldn’t we be refunded?

I thought they mentioned, when they were still active on FB, we shouldn’t count on a Westjet addition.

Why? All of our purchased liveries are available.

I agree, but say I decided to sell you some more that I’d taken from elsewhere you might then feel that transaction was not right. It then transpires these were in the first place freeware?

I think we should have had the money back and the option to donate to the actual content creator

Ah ok I see. But 4Simmers and the original creators came to an agreement. That must be financial as well.

No special livery pack from 4simmers isnt available :thinking:

I would agree, but it’s not up to me. They got caught by one artist, who knows how many other liveries they stole.

That’s the issue with the marketplace, very closed to a few actors who get to get away with charging for things that have been free for decades on PC. But MS has no rush to ever enable freeware, so XBox player’s get taken advantage off.


Can someone who has the peach livery from the asia and oceania pack see if it has peach written on the winglets on the marketplace the photos show it has :thinking::thinking: