737 MAX8 Released at Simmarket - Is it legit?

Hey Gang.

Anyone know anything about this? Is this reputable or any good??? Looks interesting but the $19 price make me wonder.


Is anything legit on simmarket :wink:, might as well be cattlemarket for all the ■■■■ that’s flying around :slight_smile:. I do have my eye on the Aerolite though which looks kind of cute.

Oh wait a minute, didn’t Bredok3d do the Eurofight Tycoon, well that says it all. Avoid.


The price tag is a hint for lower expectations.

I’d say most stuff is legit on simmarket, only the level of quality varies.

If you get stuff from MSCENERY though, these guys apparently steal photogrammetry data from googlemaps and sell it on simmarket as city packs. If you compare their screenshots to googlemaps data, it’s obviously the same data…
I tried to contact google about it but google doesn’t really have a contacting feature, so I guess this practice will continue.


It is always advisable to read reviews and posts on products made by a particular developer before purchasing them.
There is often a lot of info in this forum.
Research some of a developer’s other products, if their brand name isn’t well known.
Sim addons can vary a lot in complexity, build quality, and content.
You should be certain you know what you are purchasing.

Yeah I’ve never been a fan of simmarket. Lots of tacky stuff like 8 euros for airport night lighting which you can get much better versions for free.

As you say though the quality can be great - Indiafoxtecho MB-339 isn’t bad, there are some great developers on there but I guess you just need to know what you are buying.

most of renown developers also sell on simmarket, so I think it’s a good store site. They have pretty remarkable sales from time to time.

Personally, I’ve purchased a lot from simmarket over the years.
I’ve never had any issues.
They don’t seem any different than any other store.
You really have to know what you are buying when it comes to flight sim addons, in general.


I admit I might have burned 1000+ € there in say the recent 5 years… :roll_eyes: :crazy_face:

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it all depends on what you’re looking for, I don’t think this 737 is at the level of a PMDG


This is by Bredok3D… so the same guys that brought us that circus of Eurofighter Typhoon… Oh boy. This is gonna be… interesting. I am terrified to even imagine this trainwreck.


Just bought this out of absolutely MORBID curiosity. I am not actually expecting anything remotely good, so perhaps I will be pleasantly surprised. I have to go pick up my daughter from daycare so I will test it out tonight and will report. Perhaps I can save you all some money if it’s SUPER BAD. :wink:


Please report. I know we won’t have a PMDG 737 for at least another year, if not more, so this might fill the void for now…I mean, for $20 bucks, if it’s somewhat decent, I might be able to bite the bullet.

It will be nice to have an open appraisal.
Let us know your opinions, good and bad!!

Word of warning: these are the same developers as the infamous Eurofighter. I don’t expect too much, but seeing as the Eurofighter got on the Marketplace I suppose this one will too.

EDIT: the cockpit is a modified 787 one. If you’re looking for anything of effort don’t go with these devs.


The question isn’t whether it’s legit. Sim Market don’t have a reputation of allowing scammers on their store.

The question is if it’s actually ANY GOOD. Considering same dev as the Eurofighter Typhoon, I’d say to keep your expectations low.


Do you think it comes with the MCAS issues?


No idea man. Until someone reviews it, I’d steer clear.

From what I saw in the videos, I’m not impressed, and I’ve been missing a 737 tremendously, so I’d jump on this irrationally given the opportunity. Right off the bat I see no wingflex and a very not-so-nice looking cockpit.

As a rule, I’m not buying any jets that don’t have fully-functional EFBs, autopilots or nav systems that aren’t independent from the lousy ones given to us by Asobo. I already paid a premium for the 787, which is garbage in my opinion.

But, for 20eur, I’m sure we’ll see some reviews from our favorite Youtubers soon- so I’ll let them break the ice. Meanwhile, I’ll keep building hours in the FBW bird.


I mean even the sounds they use from default 747. So let’s put it like this:

  • they just added a half backed model.
  • added the systems of both, 747 and 787.
  • sounds from default 747.

So literally, is like Abad studios Airbuses lol