7950x3d Benchmarks for MSFS 2020

The 7950x3d is beating the 13900k in MSFS 2020. These results seem promising. There are some instances though where certain games mistakenly utilize the wrong ccd without the 3D V-cache causing performance to be worse. Disabling one ccd and utilizing only the 8 cores with the v-cache brings performance back up, and in some cases improves gaming performance. From this takeaway we can theorize that the 7800x3d will be the best option for gamers in MSFS. I have attached the full link to the video below



I am more interested in the 1% or 0.1% lows and it seems the performance is same as the 13900K on that front. (Edit: To be more accurate, I am most interested in frame time graphs because they show stutters and even 0.1% lows can miss that).

Here’s another review from Digital Foundry showing MSFS performance. Too bad they didnt include 13900K. MSFS is a pain to benchmark because of forced updates which means you have test with every chip again and again.

This one seems more promising:


You make a good point. That essentially means no improvement in smoothness over the Intel i9.

Tomshardware and eurogamer’s testing has been most in line with real world results and they are showing a massive improvement inline with what everyone was seeing with the 5800x3D.

They show a 38% improvement over the 13900k with the 7950x3D testing at 99 FPS in their scenario and the 13900k at 72.

Tomswardware said it was ‘almost unbelievable’ with a 43% improvement over the 13900k.


Wow. I must say this cpu is definitely on my radar

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Wow, this looks excellent:

A new king is born.

Does anyone know of any tests yet with lower end GPUs. Say paired with a 4070TI?


Only 1080p benchmarks are representative of CPU performance since it forces a CPU bottleneck. Even at 1400p, there’s a chance of a GPU bottleneck.

This is the same graph in 1080p:

It still would be testing the cpu you’d just cut the performance results in half so 198/2 gives you 99 fps for the 7950x3d, and 153/2 gives you 76.5 for the 13900ks. This is assuming frame generation was enabled during testing. Although I am going to assume benchmarks are doing based purely on rasterized performance

Inwould assume performance would still be better with a 4070ti considering I upgraded from a 3090 to a 4090 and was coy limited in both scenarios at 4k with the terrain Lod pushed beyond 200 along with so traffic enabled etc

It looks like my 5800X3D will have a couple of year of decent performance before I need another upgrade. A 8800X3D and a 5090 might be a PC of choice for MSFS in a couple of years.


Interestingly the 7900X performs better than the 7950X. Would that mean that the 7900X3D also will perform better that the 7950X3D?

0.1% looks much better on AMD vs Intel

I agree. If you have a 5800x3d there’s really no point in upgrading unless you just have to be on the bleeding edge of hardware every year

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it’s almost a 20% increase compared to the 5800X3D. Thats not too shabby. Whether it’s worth the investment is a different issue and opinions will vary greatly :slightly_smiling_face:


Definitely picking this one up to replace my temporary 7700X.

The digital foundry tests are very interesting. It’s not always clear in these various reviews if they installed the correct chipset drivers though. There seems to be a pretty big performance difference with those. Not super keen on the game bar being used for determining core allocation, and the core parking stuff seems very suspect, but will have to see. There’s always process lasso if it falls on its face.

I’m also really interested to see if disabling SMT makes any difference. AMD’s SMT is historically nowhere near as well sorted as Intel’s hyperthreading, and disabling it on my 7700X gives me about a 10% performance boost and noticeably better 1% lows in the sim.

This chip appears to be much more than a jack of all trades at any rate…

Don’t do that. Wait a month. The 7800x3d is releasing in the first week of april. You should wait and which of the 3 (7800x3d, 7900x3d and 7950x3d) performs better. Some think the 7800x3d will perform better because all the cores have access to the 3d cache (the 7900x3d and the 7950x3d don’t have).


@Cahzito For a pure gaming rig I’d agree, wait to see how the 7800x3d performs. I need those extra cores for work though, which is where I spend 98% of my time, and the 7800 will actually be a downgrade for productivity vs the 7700X, given its much lower base and boost clock speeds.


Oh I see. The 7950x3d will definitely be a better choice for workload tasks.

what means PBO?

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