A few questions about the F-104 Marketplace

I’ve tried reaching the devs but it seems there is no support at all for this plane, maybe somebody in the community can help me with some questions.

  1. Is the radar working? I’ve read that you need an external app, then that it is not needed anymore, then that the marketplace doesn’t allow, .exes to be shipped. My short question is: Can you make the radar work in the marketplace version somehow?

  2. Fuel management. How do you handle fuel in this plane? Taking off with a fully loaded plane is fine but then is there a way to jettison the external tanks? And why is the fuel switch to select pylon-tips-both not working ?

  3. Navigation. Is there an easy tutorial for INS navigation with the plane? Let’s say I load a flight plan with the default FP manager, is there a way to switch waypoints? Is TACAN working? ILS?

Thanks a lot!

There’s a thread where the dev responds pretty often, but there are also several threads if you search “f-104” that match your questions, I’d recommend searching and reading those.

You can email the dev here: help-desk@simskunkworks.it (not sure if that’s where you emailed, but I spoke to them just a week or so ago via that)

Thanks for trying to help.
About support I emailed that very same address 5 days ago but got no response.
And the threads you pointed out contain questions similar to mine but no answers I’m afraid.

Hope somebody can help.

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