👋 A warm welcome to all Xbox simmers

Today we’ll get to see many new simmers on this forum.

I want to say welcome to you all :wave:. I hope that you’ll enjoy this extraordinary sim as much as I (we, the PC users) have done over the past year. The sim has been improved a lot especially for you and the PC users will profit as well from this update (yes, you’ll start on Sim Update 5).

I am very curious how you’ll like simming on a game console as I’ve never done that.

So you maybe could give a short first reaction to this topic to let me/us know. Like:

  • What was the first flight you made.
  • What was your first impression?

See you in the skies :small_airplane:


Get ready for the chills when first loading in :slight_smile:

Welcome to this magical world!

(remember to not spawn on the runway when LIVE … lol )

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I’ll have to what till late tonight because of work, but have booked the next 2 days off to enjoy. Here’s hoping everything goes smoothly

2hrs and counting​:sunglasses::sunglasses:


Cue lots of screenshots of A320/747s piled up at major airports in a heap just short of the threshold. I.e. bit like when the PC version launched :slight_smile:


I’m assuming you can turn off live players ?

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XBOX users welcome to our community, please enjoy yourselves and have fun! Remember even us “seasoned” users started somewhere (for me it was a flight sim on a ZX Spectrum).


will we have crossplay with everyone?

yes, you can.

I loved my old Speccy. :wink: Fairlight, JetPack, Spellbound… OH the hours my dad and I spent in those games.


Yes sure we’re all in this together :grin:

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I hope that you’ll have a marvelous weekend. Lots of pizza, peanuts, and dr. pepper I guess?


You know: just one hour before the entire world lands in your console.

<<<the suspense, it’s hardly bearable isn’t it?
Is that why you are counting sunglasses? :crazy_face:>>>

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It will be interesting to see some statistics in like a month or so. While I will not be playing MSFS on an Xbox I was curious and watched a number of videos of MSFS on the XBox and people seem super excited for it’s release. :slight_smile:

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Great idea. Maybe the community managers will pick it up for a development update on Twitch.

Harrier attack was my fav. Manic Minor, Jetset Willy, Horace Goes Skiing… great in their day. I had a ZX81 previous to that.


I am indeed lol

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Yup! Got all these things on an emulator!

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Thank you! Long time simmer that is pumped to try MS2020 for the first time!

Happy flying!


35 min this wait is killing me