A10........Junk How do you get a refund for something that doesn't work?

Submitted a refund request via XBox on the 22-Jul, and today it was credited back. No hassles what so ever. I posted how to do further down the comments.

The A10 is garbage, intruments don’t work like airspeed indicator, artifical horizon, and others. seems you have to go 300mph before you can lift off and flight dynamics are a joke. How do you get a refund? Doesn’t Microsoft/Asobo check this stuff out before placing in the Market Place??


They neither check nor care. Nor do they issue refunds. You’re stuck with your garbage plane.

The lesson here is NEVER buy zero-day stuff. Let others bite the bullet and review it first. Then decide based on that.

Sadly the flood of new players on Xbox next week is only going to prompt even more of these fly by night 3rd party devs to flood the stores with their barely working wares to try to cash in on the flood of new players.


Could contest the charge with the CC company…


Beware. What you buy from the store with your CC isn’t the item. It’s “Flight sim credits”. You received your credits. They fulfilled their agreement. You then spent them (albeit automatically without your input) on an item in the marketplace.

So if you contest the charges and they get reversed, they consider that stealing and there’s a likelihood you’ll have your account (MS Store or Steam) banned. Then you lose everything. Not sure how MS handle it, but Steam have been known to do that.


A quick search on the developer’s previous products can also tell you what to avoid/purchase or gamble on. In this case, I wouldn’t touch this developer even if they gave it to me free.


Using the wrong, legacy flight model can als cause such issues.
Not necessarily a super bad FDM.


Just found a way via XBox to request a refund, link is below. Go to the link below, login, Click ‘Contact Us’, Select Subscriptions and Billing, then select ‘I want a refund’, select the item and fill out the information. I submitted the request and it was approved! If Microsoft/Asobo put cr*p on the Market Place, then they need to offer refunds if it doesn’t work. The price was only $14.99 which is nothing but, it’s something when a lot of folks get in the same boat.

Contact us | Xbox Support


It has 2 stars for a reason. Unless it’s 3.8 stars or higher, stay away. Also, if you didn’t hear about it a week ago, stay away. Just doing my part. Friends don’t let friends buy ■■■■ airplanes on MSFS.


Well that’s fortunate and new it would seem, as there was no refund mechanism for 3rd party stuff previously. You basically got a polite “suck it” as a reply, as you got what you received what you purchased - virtual currency.

Unfortunately for Steam users, there’s no avenue for a refund. Once your virtual currency is out of your Steam account (which is instantaneous), you’re boned.

My original point still stands though. Never buy zero-day marketplace add-ons. Let actual reviewers or other suckers buy first and see what they have to say before buying.


At least for us Aussies, Valve was taken to court over our nation’s compulsory 12 month refund and warranty policy and we won. So the game/sim plus any dlc offered by Steam should be refundable - I have the collector box set so no Steam for MSFS, but have refunded many ■■■■ games and/or their dlc over the years. But yes, the stars are a ‘must watch’ before buying anything on market now that the QC is rock bottom.


I agree, you should have researched the product a bit, unless your doing a review. It’s just like all those people who bought that 737 MAX and didn’t even read about it before or anything.


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Nope. They don’t.

There is a lot of junk on the marketplace, Asobo/Microsoft have already said that they are not interested in curating the marketplace and to make matters worse there is no truly functional review mechanism within the marketplace that can warn folks.

I personally have stopped using it altogether.


Why is aircraft that doesn’t work and is incomplete allowed to be sold in the marketplace? The New added aircraft like the A-10 and A-4 are complete trash. They do not work at all. Complete rip off. I want my money back!!

There shall be one rule only: Never buy from the Marketplace and read the reviews first.


For those that haven’t yet seen it, there is a Zendesk article concerning refunds here:



Why are people buying just “something” without even watching a YouTube video or reading some reviews?
Buyer`s remorse guaranteed when someone is just buying “something” (some random pre-owned car without having it checked, some random laptop from a random store, the first smartphone on the shelf, some pre-build computer without even reading about which processor and graphics cards are in, and so on…).
Getting the money back is rather rare :wink:


A robust review process seems essential for an un-curated marketplace. :roll_eyes:


When it comes to Steam though, that policy only applies to TITLES. For MSFS, we don’t buy software through Steam. We buy virtual currency. Steam delivers, and that virtual currency is immediately “eaten” up by our marketplace purchase. Valve does not refund virtual currency. There’s no avenue for refunds from Steam for such DLC. None.


Hopefully you can get your money back and if not hopefully the cost isn’t too much. As per others advice please try to find reviews first either from youtubers who have some credibility to be objective or wait for some of the better quality producers to bring their products to market, some of which have done already.

Its a bit of waiting game at the moment as not alot of planes have been released that I would consider worth buying, I think I have purchased three… Just Flight Piper Arrow/Turbo and DC6, there’s probably another 2-3 I might consider but I can only fly one plane at a time.

I think it’s a valid point that with a new market opening (Xbox) and new users who don’t know the market there will be some producers drawn in to make some quick money out of unsuspecting customers.

Perhaps steer clear of the marketplace if there’s no vetting of producers and try developers own website’s.