A2A Aerostar 600

A2A works on the Aerostar 600 for MSFS2020!

Release date unknow

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Good to know.

P. S.: it’s been there for about a month by now :wink:


yeah i know hehe

It’s actually being developed based on aircraft owned by A2A founder.


Thanks! any news about any company making a simple steam gauge GA plane?

Would be interesting if they ever get their 182T in MSFS. I wonder if they’ll let me port my existing FSX aircraft state over…

Very exciting! Flying the included planes has been quite a disappointment. I hope there are many more options from companies like this one coming soon. I’d love to see Milviz offer some of their best too.

That is awesome news. A2A make the best study level GA planes in the biz! I’d love it if they ported their older planes over. Excited to take Scott’s bird out for a spin nevertheless. :slight_smile:

I just found out about this plane and am real psyched about it.

I hope they keep it mostly steam guage maybe with a Garnin G5 and GTN 750xi GPS.

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They’re modeling the actual one they own, and it has proper gauges. The other GA planes they made were compatible with GTN750, so I expect this one will be too. Just need RealityXP or Flight1 to make the Garmins for MSFS. :small_airplane: :smiley:

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It looks like it has GNS 530, there are some videos about the (real) plane they are modelling on YouTube.

Edit: GNS 430 actually.

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i hope it too. Dosnt like the glasscockpit that much

I wonder what they’re modelling for the military then?

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thats a good question, im also wondering. Hope they bring an Accu-Sim P-51d

I personally have greater interest in their 172 and 182 and really hope to see them in MSFS soon…the sim really needs them!

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This exact aircraft is in development for P3D and MFS. The guy talking, Scott, is the owner of A2A. Jake, his son, is the one flying patterns in the Cub.

“We are working on this and have two more hurdles to cross for MSFS2020. We are dependent on Asobo and Microsoft to allow Accu-Sim to work in FS2020 and hope we can soon report it is all working properly.”

Personally, I can’t fully enjoy MFS until I can fly with A2A. Check it out…


I am sooo excited :slight_smile: Always loved A2A


would prefer that Stearman …

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Same as what you said, A2A is my go to… always. I am patiently waiting.


Over two years of waiting for her. Good to see her in the air again. Now to get the sound equipment in and operating. Can hardly wait to get an A2A bird on MSFS.