A2A Aerostar 600

A fast piston twin from a reputable developer, with views full of ground as opposed to wing and engines. What is not to like? The wallet is on standby.


Exactly. Not many realize the Aerostar is a twin which will allow you to actually see stuff. The DA62 with the mod is great, but not much to see. My bet is we won’t see anything for along time though. It will be worth the wait

Has there been any news on A2A, or the Aerostar 600 they were developing for MSFS? Seems like the last update on their site was almost a year ago. Any rumblings that I’ve missed?

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I read their Aerostar isn’t coming out for a while because they crashed it XD

They then said instead they were going to release a Comanche 250 first.


Oh man! You’re right: Gear-up landing Incident Ted Smith Aerostar 600 N122PC, 31 Dec 2020


Wow, that’s unfortunate - hope everyone was ok afterwards.

gear up landing apparently. No idea why. I didn’t realize they were local to me. Then again, maybe they were just flying up here.

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No injuries.

lost hydraulic pressure

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I don’t think the belly landing is the reason for delay as they have stated they have enough source material. It’s rather them trying to make AccuSim working with MSFS and the new version they are doing FIRST. So a simpler aircraft is appropriate. The Aerostar will come eventually.


Would this cause them to lose control of flaps as well?

I noticed that in the replay of the last flight that their speed increased after they took the turn to 24.

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Wow one of the A2A-owned planes crashed?!
Luckily no one was hurt or died during the crash! It would have been a loss for the world - the loss of one (or more) of the best avionics and simmer enthusiasts.

Yes sometimes there are much more important things than computer games.

But it looks like it wasn’t so bad.

IIRC his son was flying, and got high praise for keeping his cool and making an excellent emergency landing. Nobody injured, and the aircraft was not damaged beyond repair.

All-in-all a really good outcome for what had to be a very high stress situation.

EDIT: Just looked up the details… Scott’s son Jake was flying right seat, and between the two of them managed to make the landing safely. Sounds as though the insurance company may not allow the aircraft to be returned to the flight line. :thinking:

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yes they made a statement on June 23rd


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It was a problem with the hydraulic system that wouldn’t let them get the gear down and locked. The tried high-g turns and such but couldn’t get all down and safe so ultimately decided on a belly landing. They stopped both engines and bumped them for best clearance but said that tips touched the ground so that meant full teardowns. Also, the belly is fairly complicated so the metal damage was going to cost a lot to fix. IIRC, insurance wrote it off.

But both pilots walked away with zero injuries. The only casualty was the plane itself. Apparently textbook handling of the aircraft and a perfect and gentle slide down the runway New Years Eve.

Over in their forums they explain the delay to aircraft is waiting for the SDK to get some features they need.


Any news for the release date?

My understanding is the Aerostar has been put on hold as the Aerostar own by Scott (A2A is his business) had a landing gear failure and had to do a belly landing leaving the plane beyond economical repair I believe. Unfortunately the real Aerostar was being used to obtain data for the A2A Accusim plane so it has since been put on the back burner.

The first A2A release expected in MSFS is now going to be the Comanche, as for when we won’t really know until it’s pretty much release day. No news on the A2A forum for some time unfortunately. I am sure it will be worth the wait though.

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I knew about the crash landing, and all that you say makes sense.

Thanks for your reply

Actually there has been an update by Lewis on the A2A forums that they’re working on a update video and want to show what the got so far. But similar as PMDG they seem to be “struggling” with the update process of the sim. But it looks like work is continuing so that’s the good news.

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