A310 ATC/ATIS/ASOS Audio Issue

I’m having a number of strange audio issues with ATC and the radio in only the A310.

This is an example of what happens when I tune to ATIS/ASOS (you’ll need to unmute the playback after the link):

I’ve had this similar weird repetition when “I” speak to ATC. I’ve had my voice repeat my entire radio call anywhere from three to an indefinite number of times until the next opportunity to reply interrupts it.

Most of the time, with the A310, I cannot hear ATC. I can see their message in the log and when I reply, their reply instantly appears in the log even before I’m through speaking. Sometimes I cannot hear either of us and it will remain that way for the duration of the flight.

EDIT: Here’s an example of me requesting IFR clearance only to have ATC instantly respond whilst I’m still speaking. Then you hear me repeat my radio call. (Again, unmute after the link):

I’m also noticing that when ATC is speaking the choices do not grey out and you can select a choice during active radio calls.

EDIT: Adding to this, if you are able to hear ATC, every radio call interrupts the one in progress — including those of other aircraft.

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When this happens the ATC window also eventually stalls out completely and every option grays out indefinitely requiring an entire restart of the sim.


I had this with the A320Neo too yesterday.

When this happens (and for other ATC issues) it helps to switch on the AI piloting support for a brief moment and then switch it back off.

It happened so many times I had to just leave the beta until they fix it.

[] On the latest SU 11 Beta as of Nov 19, 2022, on Xbox X.

I have the same issue in the new IniBuilds A310 (amazing plane) where any radio communications (ATIS, ATC, or Pilot) talks over each other, and repeats infinitely. ATIS won’t even read, as it tries to talk over itself (as if it restarts from the beginning after 2 or 3 seconds).


Same issue here.
On PC, Store Version, on Beta

Every ATC message gets interrupted.
Other Aircraft messages as fine, but ATC instructions are messes up

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Hands up how many people have had ATC xcel their IFR flight plan because either
A. ATC voice goes dead and you can only hear yourself?
B. You tuned ATIS/AWOS and now it stays on the Screen like closed captioning and you have to use COM2 to reestablish a com link to ATC.
C. You Establish communications with ATC but you are still using the Assisted checklist and instead of your pilot monitoring (i.e Copilot) talking you hear ATCs voice instead.?

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I never hear my responses or the first officer. ATC messages are often interrupted or disappear completely during the flight. ATIS stutters and repeats the beginning over and over. Ryzen 7 7700x, Radeon RX 6800XT, 32 Gb RAM. Microsoft Store version

Edit: I posted a description of my ATC problems on the inibulds forum, they said, “ATC Problems are a bit weird for us - we get reports that it´s not working for some people but none of our testers can replicate it.” They suggested that I verfiy:

ATC text-to-speech settings = AZURE
Voices = 100

AI Radio Communications (ATC) = ON

ATC Voices = on

None of this made any difference for me. Sadly, if they can’t replicate the problem, we can’t expect a solution any time soon.