A320 FBW Autopilot - Import Flight Plan via Simbrief and creating a flight plan via World Map

Hope someone can assist, up to yesterday I was able to import a flight plan with no issues, but now when I do, on reviewing the flight plan none of the waypoints appear! The same applies if I use the flight planning option via the world map.

I have also noticed, that the options to choose between the various IFR and VFR has disappeared. Have I clicked on something I shouldn’t have?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t know what went wrong on your side. But I can say, we didn’t change anything from yesterday to today.

I think there are some issues with the FBW A320 and Simbrief flightplans…everytime there are some very weird waypoints, like halfway through it wants to return to the airport or fly back to a waypoint I flew over a couple hundret miles ago. I have to carefully look at the flightplan and delete many waypoints before every departure. Sometimes the half flightplan is missing and it wants to go from the SID directly to the STAR with no waypoints inbetween. I have this issue since SU7.

Which version of A32NX?

Hi, fbw development, ed16b41

If i have VORs or NDBs in a imported flightplan it always puts them at the end just before the STAR for some reason. Look out for radio navigation aids, if the sequence is wrong it’s never the GPS points for me.

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This is, when you use the ingame World Map for planning (or use a .pln file). Known issue. Just put them in where they belong and clear them out at the end.

Also happens when I import a flight plan via the MCDU using simbrief.

jepp, it’s what i do.
I download my plans from simbrief, import them to little nav map to fix issues caused by outdated navdata (i dont have a navigraph subscription), and then i import the .pln into the worldmap.

Didn’t know that. I don’t use SimBrief. But I’m sure the devs know!

Yes sometimes if you import via simbrief in the mcdu you got double entries etc. so the flight plan looks weird and also some curves look strange. You got to delete it by yourself. Sometimes little tricky but could be done.
As I heared via a german stream there will be again a new flight plan manager with better curves etc.

What I do is to import the simbrief plan into the mcdu and also in the world map. You can select in the flypad that the mcdu will ignore the flightplan via worldmap. So you got the plan into the mcdu and even the atc knows most of the time what you are doing. For me it is the best solution so far.


Ok, maybe I should have been a bit clearer, when using simbrief or entering the data manually in the mcdu there are no sids/stars listed either in both scenarios, and they don’t appear in the map either.

It will only allow me to select Direct no what whether I chose VFR or IFR

I am hoping not to have to reinstall the SIM, I still think there is something very simple I have done, like click something in error.

Again in advance, thank you.

Do you have Navigraph Navdata?

If so, try to reinstall the Navdata from Navigraph Data Center.

Did you turn on flight plan sync on the efb?

Ok. This seems to be a database issue. If you use Navigraph, try what @TechyCentipede6 said.

I am usingby the same now CRS is showing in RAD NAV also having to use track on AP1
There has been a lot of changes with the latest development version :thinking:

Had this exact same issue weeks back and the suggested re-install of Navigraph data fixed it.

I have been having issues with this as well but may have found a solution. It seems that the sequence of steps is important. Flying the Dev version of the FBW A32nx, and using simBrief, here are my basic steps:

    • Bring up the plane from cold & dark
    • Check FlyPad and make sure “Sync MSFS Flight Plan” is set to SAVE
    • Import simBrief plan
    • Using MCDU use INIT DATA REQ, bring in flight plan, weather, weight & balance, and fuel info
  • Using F-Plan page, complete details of plan using SID/STAR if desired
  • Complete PERF page in MCDU
  • Go to ATC panel, contact clearance delivery and ask for IFR clearance

The in-game ATC then gives you clearance and you can start your flight. The only glitch I encountered was that ATC never gave me climb to cruise altitude instructions. I has to ask for increased flight levels until I got to planned cruise.

It is also important that when to near your arrival airport, you update the MCDU with arrival or STAR and runway information.

Have fun!

Same but I had to uninstall all the Navigraph apps, then re-install to get everything working again. This was last week. Somehow, it seems like the data can get corrupted and then it won’t properly overwrite.