A320 swaying left and right

The A320 Neo seems to be swaying left in right while in flight on Autopilot. I have a flight plan set manually from Sim Brief. Has anyone else seen this issue?

Yes i notice the same thing with a flight from LOWI to ESSA with the flight plan created in the sim.
Autoland did not work either on approach to runway 26 at Arlanda airport. It was off to the left and not tracking correctly so I had to disable autopilot and fly manually.

also when I landed there where grass on some part of the taxi way slowing the plane.

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Yes, same thing from KJFK to KMCO. Swaying the whole flight like a ship on the ocean :frowning:

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Here is an example of the issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOtvWqh9FY0

It is indeed a known issue and hopefully right up there on the to fix list


Anybody else literally feeling a little wobbly after a couple hour flight in the A320 because of this? Like you just got off a boat? I don’t know why this doesn’t have more votes!

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Yep, I had the exactly same issue, and I solved by disabling some of the assistants configurations. Try it, probably it will fix it

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I had this same issue tonight when flying to KBWI.

I have all my assistance settings to hard. Do you know which settings you changed and to what you made them to fix the issue?

The plane has a sway in real life its something to do with the FCS


Interesting. The post says that the sway is barely noticeable, but the sway in the sim seems to be pretty noticeable.


I’m facing this plane swat issue from day1.

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It was there in FSX with the A380 too.
If you switch off the autopilot, the Dutch roll stops in FS2020

In the real plane, it is observable unless your switch of all 3 flight computers.

747 does also show Dutch roll on autopilot.


you have to turn on the yaw damper


Yeah I noticed that as well but thought that it might just be wind or something like that but good to know that it is a bug as opposed to consistent awkward wind.

The Airbus 320 Neo class seem to be especially prone to the yaw axis phugoid oscillations [Phugoid - Wikipedia] (or Dutch Roll). These oscillations can affect pitch, yaw and roll stability. This becomes quite prominent at low speeds and higher angles of attack. A tweak of the aerodynamic parameters is definitely on the cards. Until then (next update/patch coming in 7 to 10 days) use less flaps and higher speed (~160 knots) on final approach until past the inner marker (and you know that the runway has been made). When over the threshold, dial in the rest of the flaps and throttle back to 140 Knots - the wings need to be level on a stable, established final appch. If there’s a crosswind, use crabbing rather than a slip to prevent drift - then kick in enough rudder to get the nose pointed straight just before the main gear hits the tarmac. Touching down at ~135knots to ~140knots without the nose so high as to obscure the runway end way in the distance. The Airbus 320 Neo does better with less of a flare then most other jets of this size. Practice will perfect your technique. :slight_smile:


Very interesting. But still it seems to much to me with the MSFS AP.

Same thing happen to me!

Same issue. It’s very hard to land due to that. Lots of crashes by the landing.