AAU2 Info

Apologies if this is answered else where, but has any discussion taken place yet about what to expect with AAU2? I am really enjoying the longitude currently, but there’s a couple things I’d love being chart integration and an update to the model, an interior and opening doors.


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That’s the sort of info I’m hoping we’ll see in the feedback snapshot if they ever stop kicking the can down the alley. To my knowledge nothing has been said about the contents of AAU2; we barely even know what’s coming in SU12 for that matter.


Hey there, @Skyward2019, and welcome back to the forums.

If you haven’t already, you can always check out the Working Title Discord where this question has been asked many times. You aren’t likely to get anything new at this stage, but it is a very informative server. Enjoy.


Guess I will just have to pass on the Discord Stuff.
I’ll just frequent this forum and enjoy Flying in MSFS.


Think the 787 or 747-800

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I honestly think one of the two remaining AAUs will be solely devoted to the 787. With no payware 787 on the horizon, they wouldn’t be stepping on anyone’s toes. Also it’s one of the premium planes, so it would force more people to buy the upgrade package if the 787 has decent fidelity.


That’s a pretty good argument. I think they will do a standard package plane, too, like in AAU1. I wonder what makes more sense.

The A320 makes little sense, with the current options available (FBW and Fenix).

The 747 needs work, but Salty is ok and still being improved.

Maybe the King Air. It needs a lot of work!

My rationale is very PC-centric though, so maybe I’m way off.


Chart integration has been confirmed that it will not be coming from MS side. Navigraph is confirmed working with Working Title to make it happen.

I hope they do the 787-10 for the AAU2


Which AAU will enhance the G3X? I like to fly the Velocity XL which uses the built-in G3X (or until recently the Working Title version) and optionally the GTN 750. Any word on when these will get new features or updates?

My understanding is also that the Working Title G3X is now deprecated, does this mean the MSFS G3X already did get some updates? I missed the info on that and if there was anything major, was there a video, a description of the changes etc.? Or nothing really noteworthy?

I read this, don’t know further details

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WT never said they will not do the G3x. Will come later I am sure. But first the AAU updates.

I got a reply from WT yesterday on their discord saying that charts are not coming due to licensing issues. Also no changes to the model as WT have no modellers on the team.

Well that’s a bummer, so I’m back to hoping for a 3rd party mid-long range biz jet from elsewhere that has all the bells and whistles, I wonder if Hotstart will ever bring over their 650 or someone else will do a Global or something

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I also hope they will get contracted to work on it in the future. But there’s no public plan for it to happen that has been mentioned, and they’ve actively deprecated the old version.

Only if the SDK moves to Linux then hotstart is in the game !

What does deprecated mean in this case? Did they add all the improvements from their WT G3X into Asobo’s code before abandoning it, or had Asobo already improved their G3X beyond what WT offered? Am I getting less functionality or more by removing the mod?

Flying the Velocity XL without the WT G3X it looks the same as before and I can’t tell if there any missing features, I’m not sure about any bug fixes though (there were a few bugs).



Less. For instance the touch controls for the autopilot are not present in the base code, so if a plane has an autopilot configured it can only be controlled through keybindings or other external control bindings, not through the touchscreen. (For example the Vertigo has autopilot and a G3X, while the base VL-3 has no autopilot configured.)

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Oh… :frowning:
So do you recommend keep the WT G3X installed despite what they say, or will it break stuff and I basically have to uninstall it and lose the features?

I don’t recall the Velocity having autopilot features using touch, so I guess I didn’t notice changes in my case. In fact the whole G3X seems really basic and archaic compared to say a G3000, is that’s just true to life?

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I’m sure the real unit is a bit more capable. It’s just never gotten the development work to make it true to life.

The WT people say that the G3x patch is depreciated. Do not use it. Most features of the patch are in the base sim. The patch is old and not maintained.
By the was the real G3 is a great unit, better than a G1000nxi.

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