Ability to save Aircraft to favorites list

One would think this would be default.

I try not to purchase aircraft anymore (and I purchase from the store itself) as it is becoming too annoying going to pick one.

Voting for this

+1 vote, with so many aircraft now available this is needed.


I have been thinking the same for a while. Agree!

+1 we really need this like oxygen to live.

A new mod is close to release that addresses this. Aircraft Manager

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Payware, this is a basic function should have been there from the beginning and it takes minutes to implement by the developer with codes in hand.

Of course it is an option, however it is not seasons… it is a simple re-arranging of the sorting if Asobo were to bother.

This is true (apart from the “minutes to implement” & “simple rearranging” bits, it’s never that simple when you actually design/develop it), but this is a case of “if wishes were fishes we’d all swim in riches” (ref: “If wishes were fishes we’d all swim in riches” — Meaning)

The free version solves the problem of the OP, or you can wait for Asobo to implement it.

If all you want is a way to sort and do some simple tagging, the solution is there for you, now, for free.
It may not be optimal, but it’s workable, for free, available now.

There is no obligation to upgrade to the pro version.

As to why Asobo hasn’t enhanced this yet, my take is because it’s a lot more difficult than it looks to develop a cross-platform [PC/Console] UI/UX that solves issues like this. There’s a lot more to it than bolting on a quick fix that implements “one thing”. I’m sure it’s on their roadmap though, and they will roll it out in time. In the meantime, I had to scratch my itch to make it work for me, now.

If wishes were fishes…

Also, having peeked under the hood of the UI framework, which was an interesting technical challenge in itself to understand with no docs, all I can say is it’s an impressive piece of engineering.
Kudo’s to the dev(s) that put it together.


I love this free utility. It provides functionality that isn’t required of anyone. Kudos to the developer! I’m gonna buy two copies!

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There are very much aircraft inside MSFS. Most times I’m using 4-5 favourites. Can you please make it possible to set them as personal favourites to chose them quicker?
Btw. the complete Hangar should get an better management system. It would be great to make a user-edited Hangar-range, so that I can sort my many, many aircraft much better. User should make own categories to manage own aircraft shown.
For example:
Hangar 1 Favourites Bush
Hangar 2 Favourites Jets
Hangar 3 Favourites Water
…and so on

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Hello !

Since we are getting more and more aircraft over time (3rd party, Anniversary, and more), our aircraft list is getting longer and longer. Which is begging to feel cluttered - I have personally deleted a few plans just so it’s less cluttered.

However, if we could have a very simple list, which is favorite, from wich we can put our favorite planes in there, even though they are different categories.

For eg, I would set a favorite list with the Fenix A320, PMDG 737-800 (+Cargo Variants) and perhaps the Kodiak.

Of course we can type the model in the search bar, but I think it can be a nice addition when you’re undecided what to fly, just browse your favorite list.

Happy flying

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It’s “under investigation”.

Have fun flying!

Honestly, what was wrong with the aircraft selection UI in previous FS versions?

Whether it was the FS9 and earlier implementation with just the currently selected aircraft’s 3D model visible, or the FSX/P3D version with multiple thumbnail images, both were neatly sortable into Manufacturer>Type>Variation(or livery).

The data exists in the aircraft.cfg file, we just need a cleaner UI to help organise everything.

Previous versions were not on console, and you can clearly see this was a console first UI design that was required to work on console and PC, rather than develop separate UI’s. I can understand that, given the constraints they were no doubt under (typical project aka time, budget, resources etc). I think the UI team was quite small, but having looked under the hood it was a lot of work to develop from scratch. It’s not simple to develop a UI system, especially one that has to work across many devices, screen resolutions, and input systems.

As such, tradeoffs were made and some functionality was lost in the transition. Tricky to design a single UI that works at distance from a couch with a big TV screen to a PC where users are closer to VR to home cockpits. I think that’s all the contexts isn’t it? haha! :rofl:

Oh, wait, I forgot cloud streaming, so it can potentially be played from any device, down to smartphones even.

Personally I don’t mind the “big UI”, it’s just missing some needed features which I’ve tried to address.
Works for me!

That UI you refer to was not designed to be used six feet away on a TV, nor was it designed to be navigated by a console controller. The platform dictated the UI.

I would like to go a step further and make the “My Hanger” a space where up to, say, six favorited planes could be stored and visualized together. Combine that with another suggestion to attach control profiles to individual planes rather than having to go to settings, and you have a more fun and realistic way to interface the sim.

Just seeing this post, despite having MSFS for over a year now. Voted for it as I have never understood why the favourites option was not implemented in MSFS given its been in Prepar3D for 11 years (which was derived from FSX) and probably also available within FSX and perhaps FS9.

There is a 3rd party free and paid level aircraft manager solution that was released recently. If you search for “Sonicviz” you should find it. It’s hosted on his site and the free version is on FS dot to as well.

This wishlist item is now listed as under investigation by the Asobo devs so hopefully there is a built in solution at some point.

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I agree. A favorites list for airplanes would be great. I like to have them all installed, but most of the time I am just using a short list of favorites that changes over time. It isn‘t the most important issue, but as others have said already. Those small things add up.

Hope so, too. My hangar gets too big now with many new aircraft being relased