About Next Level racing motion V3 for simming

Good news is that there is a profile available for the v3 so it will work right out of the box. Also, you can make some post-processing adjustment with the software to tweak it if you want to (for example) turn down pitch a bit. The software is really easy to use too.

Less good news is that the profile is a bit primitive. As far as I can tell, it moves the seat based on aircraft motion, rather than acceleration data as it should (lot more discussion about that here if you’re interested). This isn’t a major problem - it’s still a great experience … just could be better with a more sophisticated profile. This should be fixable, but might need more C++ programming skills than I have :sweat_smile:

Let us know how you both get on with your platforms. I can’t fly in MSFS now without VR and Motion running! My only piece of advice … start with something pretty docile - don’t jump straight into the Pitts S2 and start throwing it around the sky! :rofl: