[AeroDesigns] - KPWM Portland International Jetport

Awesome! Will do if we need anything else.

Yup, that’s another MSFS SceneryBuilders product.

They have an awful KACY out there too. In fact, if AeroDesigns is looking for a good next project, KACY might be a nice one. It’s a small, fairly simple airport that has had increasing prominence as a Spirit hub for the region.

Basically, though, you could just look at the entire MSFS SceneryBuilders catalogue and just redo any of their “efforts.”

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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to come on here and say that we are launching KPWM tomorrow! (March 17th)

We have been hard at work on making it perfect, and we are finally ready to release this magnificent airport.

We are doing an exclusive launch with Contrail for the first 7 days after release, after which it will open up to other vendors as well. But we’ll announce that in due time.

For now, you can go to the contrail webstore (link below) and take a look at the product images already :slight_smile:

We are very excited for release and we hope you are too!


It’ll be a day one purchase for me, the previews look great. Hopefully you’re considering some more of these regional airports in the US in the future!


Very exited. Day 1 purchase for me. My wallet awaits… Congratulations!

For your next project, again, consider KACY…

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I fly into here all the time for work. Love coming here

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@Duvani5 This scenery looks amazing. Do you have any interest in showcasing this scenery with an event on VATSIM? If so, we would be gladly willing to support this and work with you. Please feel free to reach out to Boston Virtual ARTCC here: forum.bvartcc[dot]com/bvaportal/contact/

Sounds cool! I’ll send you a message tomorrow

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Great news, KWPM Portland International Jetport is now released!


Heading off to buy it now. Thank you

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I purchased it tonight and spent some time looking around the airport. It is beautifully crafted, with good ground textures and looks to be optimized pretty well. I have a mid-range gaming PC, and the frame rates remained very good while panning around and injecting live traffic. It looks like they did a good job with the gate assignments, as the carriers were at the proper gates. I’m looking forward to doing a flight tomorrow from KPWM to KDTW in the Fenix A320.


Been using it for the last day or so and I’m loving it. As a fan of regional jets who mostly flies around New England, this is a huge and welcome addition. FPS seems good. On my hardware (3080) with FSLTL on and high settings my FPS is in the mid to high 40’s.

Two areas of possible improvement?

  1. There seems to be a big dip in the taxiway I believe near HS 1. Is this real?
  2. On replay, at least, there appears to be a bit of blue artifact ghosting of the lamp poles with movement landing…

Other than that, so far, it’s a joy. Congrats!

Glad to hear you enjoy it.

1 I could be some mesh edit that is misaligned, will check it soon.
2 I’m not sure about, haven’t seen this before.

Could you shoot me a private message with some pictures? Then I can check when I have time

I think the ghosting is an artifact from using TAA. Try another antialiasing method and see if you still get it. I see this at lots of airports, I believe this is a sim issue and not this scenery specifically.

I picked it up and must say I’m impressed, but there’s a couple niggles worth pointing out:
With FSLTL (or presumably any other traffic programs) running I noticed CRJs parking at the GA aprons not the ramp, the FedEx planes were parked correctly though. I assume this is something to do with the ICAOs of the various regional feeder airlines not being added to the gates but don’t actually know.

The other issues were just that I noticed a lot of black lines in the terrain a couple hundred feet from the airplane at any point in time, I know you mentioned in british avgeek’s stream that this was unavoidable, but it doesn’t seem to happen in other airports with custom terrain masks in photogrammetry areas (or if it happens it isn’t as noticable.) It’s by no means game breaking but it’s quite noticable and if a fix is possible that’d be great (I’m aware that might not be the case though)

All in all it was quite nice though and it’s really good to have a quality rendition of my home airport finally in sim.


I think it might be something to do with the GA parking sizes over there, I’ll take a look and see if I can adjust that. It shouldn’t be able to spawn an airliner there…

As for the black lines, I am really not sure what is causing this then. We have a ton of terraforming for all the taxiways, apron and other areas to ensure the elevation is equal to real life everywhere you look. Maybe sim update 12 will improve this because there were some fixes in the terraforming for developers


Hi all,

Just wanted to mention it here as well, after our very successful exclusive launch with Contrail, Portland Intl. Jetport is now also available through Orbx, Aerosoft and IniBuilds!

As mentioned before, if you have any questions or encounter any bugs, please do not hesitate to contact us on our support email: assistance.aerodesign@gmail.com

We have also gathered all your feedback so far, and will be working on an update to fix these little bugs.