Aerosoft Cancels Simple Traffic for MSFS | FSElite

Just announced that Aersoft cancelled a project due to SU5, reason being:

“The latest Sim Update has “wrecked” the project as it has changed how AI traffic was injected into the simulator. Not only that but the files that Simple Traffic relied on have now become encrypted, meaning that the files are locked for editing or changes by third-party developers”

More info here in the article:


Imagine if PMDG does the same. WOW


And we have people still believing that PMDG will ever launch a true complex product like their P3D/FSX counterparts haha.

The MSFS2020 is right now, after one year, just a huge and incomplete mess.


Misleading headline to create click bait and spread false rumours they have not pulled out.

They have CANCELLED a ai traffic program hardly pulled out


Well they have launched a complex project the DC6


In fairness, the images I had seen of simple traffic were not great. The default models used as A330 & A380 (very loosely) are awful and seeing easyjet on one of those looked silly.

Until AI traffic is correct, or a suitable add-on created, similar to how it worked in FSX, I personally wouldn’t be adding skins to the models currently used by MSFS

They called it “dead.”

It also doesn’t make sense. Or it’s more complex. Reason why ; VPilot hasn’t been updated, and it still works, and as a VATSIM client, it is obviously injecting planes into the simulator and moving them about.

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Don’t overreact or put out false information. Aerosoft was very clear the dilemma was strictly because of certain AI traffic files that are now encrypted - while bad, that doesn’t affect aircraft development in any way. Like all the other bugs, it was probably an oversight that will get worked out one way or another. Hang in there. It’s definitely not great news for Aerosoft but it isn’t the end of the world for them or any other large developer.

The encryption might be another cause of the offline traffic issues Asobo didn’t anticipate (they should’ve but…). It might be a sign that ATC and traffic are being worked on as promised long ago.


They called the project they cancelled dead not the sim read the post fully not the parts you choose to read

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I agree. I wasn’t clear.

Shocking, things just keep on getting worse unfortunately

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by complex I mean COMPLEX. The DC6 doesn’t even scratch what the P3D products from them are. The main aspect of their products are how well they navigate using the FMC.

Btw, check out how hard it is for FlyByWire guys to make a working LNAV. That’s right… a WORKING one.

FBW have been working on the mod since release. What they have done is fantastic don’t get me wrong and not being critical BUT they can’t blame SU5 for not having working Vnav why because we have Vnav on the working tittle so how can they have it working and not FBW so clearly it’s nothing to do with the sim.

Always amazes me how people when corrected try and bring FBW into the discussion as a means of trying to make a point

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Why that an AI traffic program is cancelled lol

In case you weren’t around then: Xplane 10, FSX and P3D were far worse messes 1 year after they came out, and weren’t half as complex or pretty. If you have a product where the developers tell you in advance that they see it as a 10 year project, it’s not realistic to expect perfection from the beginning


Exactly it’s amazing the amount of entitled people in this community. It took 2 whole years before the first payware aircraft came out for FSX


Yes it is embarrassing that Aerosoft, a close ‘partner’ to MSFS has had to cancel a project because of problems with the sim


I’m talking about the LNAV, not the VNAV. We don’t have the structure inside the sim to reproduce a proper LNAV. It’s like it is always flying HDG but the interface is LNAV.

Obviously they can’t blame the SU5 because the problem is with the original sim, it’s since day 1.

I could go ahead and mention how poor the IFR navigation is with this sim, pointing posts with misaligned ILS… GS putting your aircraft way before the runway.

Either that or aerosoft realised the freeware one does the same job as the payware one they would release so waisting resources on something that wouldn’t sell as well

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