Aerosoft CRJ 900/1000 Released

Aerosoft Aircraft CRJ 900/1000 | Aerosoft Shop

I am just wondering why it is so cheap in the marketplace.
If I remember correctly, I paid double for the 550/700 version.

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The Aerosoft Aircraft CRJ 900/1000 is an extension to the CRJ 550/700 and assumes this version installed!


Allright…thx for the Tip, no need to shout out loud :wink:

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Bought the 550/700 in the marketplace, so no update for me!?
Do I have to pay the full 50.99€ for the 900/1000 thought I already have the 550/700?

Edit: Upgrade path worked now, 19,99€

I just copied and pasted off of the website :wink:

Wonder if the random crashes are fixed. Hope there is finally radar. Going to wait to see if Aerosoft fixes what I already bought before I spend anything on their new stuff.


Oh and just for info, I suspect that we will need to get the upgrade from the same vendor as original CRJ purchase. The reason I say this is that there is a comment by Aerosoft on their twitter account regarding this. In my case, I bought the original CRJ from JustFlight, so I am going to wait till it is released on there.

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I’d assume they’re only able to provide that discount to people who bought it through their site.

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same here i got the 550/700 from msfs store and yet it still shows the new 900/1000 at full price of 50,99… anyone else with a solution for that?

They siad its a problem on the aerosoft forums and they are currently trying to fix

Same issue here.

Big thanks for news :+1:

Then Sorry… have a nice Day

Appreciated. You too my friend.

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Thank you Bro…

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I cant click with the mouse on the rotari knobs. It doesnt happen anything. Anyone has the same issue?

Same here. I’m using legacy mode, haven’t tried normal mode yet…

Ingame Marketplace.

first purchase failed, second one pending for half an hour but finally goes through.

charged for both…

Lock mode doesnt go