After playing a few hours, FPS drops from 40 to 5FPS

Its very frustrating in deed! Happen to me flying from PHNL to KSFO FPS started dying 3hrs and 38 minutes into flight about 156NM from TOD . In the PMDG 737-700 I don’t get it Went from Solid 50 Fps to 5 . It did that stutter thing for 40 minutes then CTD.

For me I tracked it down to Ships and Ferries being above zero under Traffic when using 3rd party ship traffic add ons, my guess is the algorithm just can’t handle having a big ship traffic database and doesn’t cull on spawning them and just tries to spawn them all.

The CPU mem just keeps growing and every now and again is culled but seems to not be able to keep up over time, maybe it doesn’t limit spawning to an area around the aircraft. I suspect there is an ever growing list of ships to move and hence the main thread has to enumerate that list and hence slows down as time goes on.

Under Traffic setting Ships and Ferries to Zero fixed the slow down and gave me a significant FPS boost, hopefully it gets fixed as nice to have ships on the sea.

EDIT: Thanks to a user on another forum I see it is where with SU9 the sime tries to render the wake for ALL boats no matter where they are.

Apparently the bug gets fixed in SU10 as can be seen in the Seafront website Seafront Simulations | Installation & Troubleshooting, this would apply to any boats with wakes though, not just theirs.

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Same problems here. Today, solid FPS dropped after one hour on the TBM930. I switched the electrical systems inflight off and on again, resulting in a restart of the PFD/MFD. After that, frames increased immediately and stayed stable until the end of flight.

Same happened to me in 737-700 from EGGD to LGAV went from capped 35fps to jumping down to 10fps, sound started glitching so saved flight , then it carried on for 1-2 minutes and CTD
Restarted sim and reinstalled saved flight and it was fine landed at LGAV but it didn’t save my flight time of about 3 hours in my logbook before it CTD

Very sad to see that this issue is still persisting for me and for many others in this thread. Why has Asobo and Microsoft taken (what seems like) zero action on this bug. It is very frustrating as well as infuriating for me as I built my own rig for flight simming and I can hardly even use it to do the flights i wish to do without the sim being a unplayable slideshow with what sounds like popcorn popping in my cockpit or downright crashing all together.
I have tried nearly every proposed solution or fix in this thread and nothing has worked and I’m sure many others are experiencing the same issue. Very disappointing for the sim community to be left with this issue to try and resolve ourselves with almost zero action taken by the developers.

More of a rant than thread i know but some details regarding my system CPU Ryzen 7 2700x RTX3060TI from gigabyte 32GB ram. with everything running off of SSDs on a x470 chipset.
Same issue as a lot of folks, 3-4 hours game becomes a slideshow with the fps slowly dropping and audio starting to crackle and pop eventually leading to the game being unplayable or crashing.


Hi, just some posts ago (post n. 2660) in a video i showed like to solve the problem on some aircraft… Now i went to see the updates notes of SU10 and in stability notes i found this and i bolded the line that interest:

  • Several crashes have been fixed across the title (Ex. Thread ) :busts_in_silhouette:
  • Ongoing performance optimization work including fixes for several memory leaks
  • Fixed a performance drop when more than 4 World update photogrammetry packages are installed :busts_in_silhouette:
  • Faster loading sequence after the Press any button screen
  • Fixed a bug where Javascript WebSockets were not closed and released properly when connection failed
  • New essential package update flow introduced on Xbox: to reduce risks of crashes, update will now occur during the boot process
    Fixed potential performance issue over time caused by lights on some 3rd party planes
  • Fixed intense write operation that occurs during initial flight on Steam as the cloud save system was making too many requests (Forum Thread) :busts_in_silhouette:

Then in my side they solved the problem.

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Nice to see some work towards stability and performance there, my FPS slow down issue (ships and ferries > 0 with traffic addons installed) was present even with stock aircraft.

That change log looks positive, can any one confirm if this is now fixed in the beta?

After 1 1/2 same thing happened to me . Using Fenix A320. Adjusted my settings including changing the resolution on my 2K monitor. Tried today with the new settings and made just over 2 hours.

I find it appalling to say the least that over a year and 3000 messages later, still nothing is being done.
So many people have the same problem.
I have to concur with this one.

After about 1:40 hour of flight time, it can be observed how every few seconds the FPS rate drops from logged 30 FPS to 10. At the same time a clear crackling can be heard in the sound. The distance becomes shorter and shorter, so that the FPS rate has permanently dropped to 10-5 by the time of landing at the latest.
Much of what has been read here has been implemented, including adjusting the outsource file. Nothing helped. Even the DX12 beta setting did not improve the problem but only made it worse.

I find it so sad as I configured my system specifically for the flight simulator.

I really hope that SU10 will finally fix the bug, but I don’t have hope if I’m honest.


I think I may have seen some form of this for the first time ever, but it did recover so perhaps not.

I was in cruise, and had been flying for about half an hour, when I noticed the framerate took a hit. No where near 5, but perhaps from locked 60 down to mid 30’s. I was able to land okay, and just as a I cross the threshold, the frame rate completely recovered. I wasn’t very high, maybe 4000ft or so, and about 5 minutes away from the next airport.

I was in the FSW 414AW at the time.

Glad im not the only one having this issue just did a 2nd flight 2 nites in a row KORD to KLAX 2 hrs out from 2 hrs flight same thing happened 22-30 fps to 2 fps instant with crackling sounds as well I feel your pain man … Hope they fix this.

I even went from medium down to low end graphics when it started and no change while in flight from the org issue started… I usually just run Med settings for graphics on a 2070 super card… just makes no sense.

I have found that this topic about live weather stops injecting after a certain duration flown might have something to do with severe FPS drops overtime.

This always happens to me anytime between 05:00 - 11:00 UTC (overnight here in Eastern US). I would just wake up to find out that the clouds had disappeared completely (although the wind data still appeared to be normal), and my sim had been slowed to single digits (1-5fps) and literally no GPU utilization. Otherwise, I have been able to complete some ultra long-hauls (>14hrs) without issues.

I don’t know if Asobo can look into this - maybe there lies a potential solution to the FPS issue over long-haul flights? I know this is just my own experience and for others the FPS issue might manifest in different ways…but as of now, it is not possible for me to do overnight long-hauls here in Eastern US because of the live weather issue. Very frustrating.

This mornings flight spawn in 20 fps, start the roll 18 15 12, liftoff 12, turn to east 12, 5 min into east run the fps returns to 20 fps, arrive at destination make the turn to the west for landing, 18, 15, 12 touchdown…Rollout park 12 fps…Bleh

This issue shows very similar findings across everyone experiencing it. After at least above an hour FPS drops with the audio crackling and popping. As we progress the issue gets worse and worse leading to game instability or outright making the game unplayable.
As someone who has almost zero experience in game design I am dumbfounded on what the issue could be after trying everything in this forum post (that began in April 2021)
If Microsoft / Asobo know this is an issue and publish a patch note why do they not inform the community experiencing the issue directly something like “hey we may have found the issue this is what we are proposing to fix it”
I’m sure if they asked for it we all could provide the necessary information for them to pinpoint the issue heck this forum post shows that this issue can be replicated on their systems. What gives why have they not addressed this directly?

You have 64Gb Ram, so do I, I now use a 25Gb RAMdisc for my rolling Cache.
Works great, 25Gb RAMdisc and 20GIB in rolling cache.
See how it works here…

Also check if all CPU Cores are still activated in the Windows configuration. Apparrently one of the regular Windows Updates switched it to only one core which caused heavy stutters in graphics and audio. I struggled one week with MSFS until I found this solution somewhere, didn’t expect that !

How did it do that, and what did you do to undo it?

I assume he mean msconfig… and I also assume windows update never did that , at least never heard that this happend :slight_smile:

msconfig - Start → Extended Options → processors