After playing a few hours, FPS drops from 40 to 5FPS

my mainthread is going through the roof over time.

starting with 50-60fps going all the way down to mid 20’s and low 30’s.

I run the sim at ultra preset 3840x1600
Sim is installed on an SSD, same happens with an empty community folder.

i7 10700k (stock)
32GB 3200mhz stock xmp profile.
3080ti not overclocked
Windows 10
1TB nvme (where the sim is installed on)

So after around 45 mins of flying from BHX and now West of Paris, which is notoriously heavy around CDG, im still getting solid fps. At the weekend over the same area i was getting around 20-25. All ive done is remove the latest better pushback mod from the community folder.

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Can confirm, landed back at BHX after 1.5hours of flight over france and back, the FPS is exactly the same as when i took of at EGBB in the same spot as when i landed with Better push back removed. I was using the FBW A32N mod. So for me it was the better push back mod thats caused all this issue. Hope this helps some of you.


I’m wondering if the memory leak has to do with the gate vehicles and animations in general. I removed Toolbar Pushback and that has helped - the sim was buttery all the way up to the gate. But when I called the tug and catering and baggage carts from the FBW flyPad, my FPS went down. Not nearly as badly as before, but still noticeable.

I am really thinking airport tasks like those you mentioned hit the CPU and lower FPS. Airports in general are really taxing on the CPU in MSFS whereas flight generally taxes the GPU.

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Check this post

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All traffic uses CPU, check to see if you are starting to mainthread limit at the gate with traffic. Turn some of the ground traffic settings (including airport workers, vehicle density) etc down, there to many of them IMO anyway. High LODs and traffic sliders eat CPU. I dialed most of my traffic densities back to 60 and road traffic back to 20. Still looks fine.

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I have disabled NDU as you suggested, because I do not want Windows wasting any CPU cycles keeping track of my internet data usage, but I can not speak to whether it has affected my performance in any way.

If I really wanted to test its effects I would probably need to make CapFrameX comparisons, flying the same route, with a clear rolling cache each time.

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I have also disabled NDU, but it did not fix issues with performance. I still had terrible stutters caused by Sim Update VIII and also massive performance degradation over time.


Are you mainthread limited though? If you are you need to optimise cpu/gpu load. Try reducing TLOD a bit. At least one other person saw a FPS pickup after a clean Fs install post SU8 too, but I’d check if youre mainthread limiting and reduce that first.

this is becoming way beyond a joke now, its been well over 2 months of my fps degrading overtime, and its really starting to ■■■■ me off. Nothing works, ive tried doing a flight on low end settings, done all the little “fixes” people keep coming up with that works for them. It’s very disapointing as new scenery is coming out aswell as the fenix 320. I’m doing a flight right now and its only been half an hour and my fps has dropped by 10.


You in the FBW?

I found some kind of a workaround in my case after FPS dropped to unplayable 2FPS one might try:

I know that in SU8 Beta audio settings caused some issues - so I went to audio settings during flight and switched between default windows settings and the specific device. This instantly forced my FPS to be normal.

Probably someone else can try and confirm this? :slight_smile:

same for me. lol

Try another aircraft

Over 2hours

I literally give up. I have reinstalled my entire system just because I have believed issue is in my potentionally faulty Windows installation, or some forgotten 3rd party addon to MSFS I have installed long time ago, or some wrong settings in nVidia control panel. But not, issue is on MSFS’s side.

I have clean installation of Windows, only with Google Chrome installed, newest nVidia Drivers and vanilla MSFS. Nothing else, no FBW, no World Update, nothing.

But I do still get massive performance degradation when flying with default a320. Asobo, after more than quarter of a year, we need to get this issue fixed ASAP.

Screen after landing:

Starting new flight on same location:


Can you show us more screenshots at different times for a flight like this (>2 hrs)?
From the beginning (cold and dark) till the End (warm and dark).

And which CPU and GPU do you have.


My specs:

I7-10700k 4.5GHZ
32GB RAM 3600MHZ


What I would also like to mention is that even the menu is slow after performance degradation during the flight.

For me, the first problem had been the LOD thing that maxed out the main thread. That made things a bit better, but after an hour and a half the performance is going nuts.

Personally, don’t want to try the registry edit. I am a bit special there, as I do not want to take the risk of doing anything bad to Windows itself.

Would be great if Asobo/Microsoft could at least confirm they have some kind of clue how to fix or that they are working on a fix. Many users here seem to have a very good system, so it must really be the simulator doing something wrong here.