After playing a few hours, FPS drops from 40 to 5FPS

To be able to use the MCDU Web Interface you need to start the web server which will provide the application to your browser. To do this locate the flybywire-aircraft-a320-neo folder in your MSFS Community folder. Within this folder you will find a folder called MCDU SERVER.

MCDU Web Interface - FlyByWire Simulations Documentation


Start the mcdu server.

Go to → community → flybywire-aircraft-a320-neo → MCDU SERVER

Double click server.exe


press N or Y key → press enter key.
No need to open the remote fmc on another device.


Well, it seems to be not the issue causing performance degradation over time as we have massive degradation even on default a320 and also on other planes.

It’s not FBW related


I’m still getting these occasional flights where the frame rate tanks to 5fps after 1-2 hours. Its obviously a memory leak somewhere and needs fixing!!!, this topic has been going for nearly a year… are we ever going to see a fix from Asobo???


No. They don‘t know the reason themselves, which is ridiculous.


why users not report all the installed mods so that we can find a possible common ground ?
Also related to that “magical mem leak” users can just report a screenshot from resource manager which shows the working and commited memory. May be also a screenshot from e.g. taskmanger which show the non-paged pool etc…

I never seen such a drop to 5 fps ( not in 2h and not in 6h ) and may be that’s the reason why the situation can not reproduced so easy. A developer can only fix a thing, if the cause is known…

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I get it with NO mods installed. Pretty sure its not the mods that are doing it, it is something in the game or the servers.


also no navigraph or similar external tool / plugin installed ?

“Servers” may be, but then compare locations might be interesting to… seems germany is fine then , in these theory :wink:

Nothing at all installed while it happens, nothing in the community folder. I might add since SU8 Ive had 3 CTD while loading into an airport. And on release day I got the old not enough bandwidth, while watching performance monitor and was pulling 80mbps.

To me that indicates server issues, even though Im getting the bandwidth the servers just dont seem to be fast enough to send the data at times. There are other things, certain times of they day, the scenery will look different quality wise etc…

yes… but why happens it then after some hours and not direct if you start the flight. If server in overload, the ‘effect’ should then allways the same. But yes, if users see no strange memory consumption and it happens not in each flight, a network related issue is possible. Can you tell a (free) airplane for which it happens allways or at least highh probaly ?

No ryhmn or reason, the only plane I can say for sure is the 152 Ive never had this happen on.

But for me here there are times where I spawn at the airport at 20 start the roll and am all of a sudden at 10 fps, sometime it will recover after 5 min and pick back up to 20 and other times not. If I restart sometime it will work okay like it should, and other times it will do the exact same thing. I dont know it reminds me of a ‘party line’ back when I was a kid, you pick up the phone sometimes theres someone on the line using it and other times no one…

It’s odd that it doesn’t affect more people or indeed all people if it were solely the sim. I’ve never seen this behaviour.


This is out of control, its been 5 months since ive been able to do a flight where my fps doesnt drop to 30 from 60. Where tf is Asobo


Fully Agree. Asobo dont really care about this, because we´d all pay for the sim. Thats what they only wanted…money. Using a 30 years old code from flight sim and blow it up to this fs2020 and thinking nothing will appear. I using exact the same Optimum Hardware constellation what Asobo provided earlier for the best performance… but that was like a lie. People with more powerful PC´s having this limited by main thread issue as well… so it must be in the architecture of the sim.


Most of us with decent GPU’s will be CPU bound in any environment with lots of surface detail. Get up in the clouds, and it switches. Every simulator I have used has me CPU bound.

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FYI - tried another attempt at a ridiculous 20 hour flight :slight_smile: :grinning:

Sydney to Madrid - i know its not real - after 12 hours flying over deserts leaving Pakistan area dropped from 50 to a steady 5 and the ATC were talking like Daleks (Thats from Dr Who in the UK if you don’t know). :slight_smile:

Back to short haul flights in the Neo a320…no problems with them.



Did a test recently. KPHX to KSFO, fps upon landing were around 20 to 25 with stutters in the A32NX. Restarted the Sim, same settings (mostly ultra, live traffic and live weather) with touch and go in KSFO, fps were 30 to 35. There is definitely something wrong that causes performance to deteriorate when arriving in highly detailed places after a flight. Switching traffic off and on again does not help, but still need to try with weather off/on.

Installed the game after some time new clean install.
Same as before starting in EDDH and when reaching 25000 feet round about the mainthread and the correntgtuidraw went up up and up. Unplayable it’s a shame spending money on planes and stuff and can’t play it. Deinstalled:(


we see us :wink:

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so you mean you run after 12 hours into low fps ?.. or was your focus on the location ?

did you use Azure-ATC or Offline-Speach ? I use only Offline-Text2-Speach , may be there is a impact ?