After playing a few hours, FPS drops from 40 to 5FPS

I have never used the VFR map, i removed it from the toolbar menu and still get the drops. So must also be something else.


This issue is back for me again, there was a post recently with a fix for this, worked fine but issue is back again?

Then it didnt work fine now did it. Which would make it more of a server/network issue then a real issue that you can do anything about. I have done everything I can to make the sim run consistent. I have correct tons of issues on my end. And guess what just when you think you have it figured out BAM!!! back to the old slow BS.

I and others think more and more its a server/cloud issue and nothing you can do a single thing about.

Been using MSFs since February 2021 on a fairly high performance machine. never had an issue until today. Flying FBW A320 HNL-ANC and last 500nm was the shuttering and popping. Flew around in the PMDG 737 including a 5hr flight and did not have this issue. Seems like it may be random, but hope it is a one off thing…

Clearly a big issue to resolve the closer I got tot he ground the worse it was and I turned everything off. photo, bing, traffic everything was off.

Issue comes from the game, no fix will solve it.

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I just had 5 roughly half hour flights in a row (with short breaks in between - leaving the sim on at the menu). Flying in VR with my Quest 2. During the last flight, FPS started to drop and then it froze then CTD.

The only other time I’ve had CTD’s are when I’ve left the sim running at the menu for a long time (hours).

I wonder if it is leaking memory?

So flying with all online features disabled should “fix” this issue in that case.

If anyone can replicate this fault 100% of the time, disabling all online features should reveal whether this is a client or server issue.

Tried to do a 5.5 hr flight in the Fenix and hit around 4 hours and it’s happened to me again. Did the NDU fix, turned off Photogammetry and deleted rolling cache nothing worked. Only have liveries in my community folder. Shelving the game till SU10 and beyond until they fixed this because mid to long haul is what I like to do.

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Until 3 days ago never had any issues. Now after roughly an hour of flying FPS in both VR and via the Monitor tanks to 10 FPS max. Go back to the main menu and back in to a plane and the FPS is back. So frustrating as nothing new was installed prior to the issue.


But heres the thing, its not an everytime event. One time it will run fine and then the next time its appears. Fortunately yesterday it did it all day long…

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That’s why I asked if anyone who can or rather does get this all the time could test. There is no point anyone who gets it intermittently testing it.

I could look back through the posters in this thread, but I’m pretty sure I will find some who state that they get this for every flight. They would be people to test this theory. If they get it with all online features disabled, then its unlikely to be a server issue.

Which would then beg the question why don’t more users see this? I have never seen it, for example.

I’m sure if I look for other terms I will find more. But these users would be the ones to test whether disabling all online features fixes the issue or not, and would go a long way to proving whether this is a client or server side fault.

And yet again. Same as yesterday, return from Greece to Düsseldorf, and after 5-5.5 hours above Serbia again, FPS dropped and latency stepped through the roof. The sim then eventually crashed shortly before reaching GRZ VOR, in Austria.

Tried the “NDU trick” on this one, to confirm that it’s useless for me.

Okay people. I had it and now no longer have it. Flew on fenix for 4 hours, no drops, went to main menu and spawn into another 1.5 hr flight, again no drops. Before it was within 2 hours I’d get it.

These are what I did this time which are new:

  1. used DDU in safe mode to uninstall the driver cleanly;
  2. used NVcleanstall and installed a bare minimal version of the latest driver;
  3. uninstalled gsn450 mod, don’t have yourcontrols or toolbarpushback, but I have FSCIUP and Simconnect.
  4. did one of the optimised nvidia control panel suggestion from a YouTuber (optimal power, ultra low latency mode, etc);
  5. spawned in a random flight and resetted the toolbar setting, respawned and then switched off the tools I don’t need;
  6. went to settings and switched off online ai traffic and multiplayer;
  7. quit game.

Then for each flight I now spawn at airport (I flew fenix) and then used devmode> Tool> aircraft selector and reload the same plane before flying. (For fenix it will not respawn into cold and dark so you have to set it on EFB again).

I don’t know which part of this did it for me but it did. I run GTX1070, 12700F, 32GB DDR5, Gen4M.2, win11, Steam ver.

So trying to play the lotto this morning 5:45am … benchmark flight … cold and dark … fps 20 … start engine … make turn to taxi to runway … 12 fps … proceed to runway … launch … 15 fps … cruise 20 mi ( before I couldnt stand anymore ) fluctuating between 11-15 fps. TURN OFF ALL ONLINE FUNCTIONALITY … looks real bad … fps 30. Turn on bing and pg and live weather bam back to 12 fps…

rinse and repeat 3 times

now its 7:10 eastern. Launch the sim … benchmark flight … cold and dark … start engine 20 fps … taxi to runway it drops to 16 fps and then quickly jumps to 20 nice and smooth all the way to Erie…

So I guess the odds of winning the lottery today are 1 and 4. Bwhahahahaha

Just attempted another flight fresh boot and now we’re back to the 12-14 FPS again …

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When I start to get degraded performance, if I switch to developer mode, my FPS seems to go back up. I can then turn off developer mode and things remain smooth for a while.

hobanagerik, I will take part in your empirical study at some point in the not-too-distant future.

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Yesterday was a first time FPS drop for me in over 250-sim hours since February 2021. I will say I did install the newest version of the FBW A320. Will come back and see if it happens again in other aircraft or in the FBW. Really hope I don’t see a recurrence. Never had an FPS issue until yesterday, have even done 4-6 hours FBW A320 flights before.

I know every situation is different, but someone in my group said that for them, this was caused by the VFR map (possibly a memory leak). When they turned the VFR map off in toolbar toggle, the fps instantly went back up again

I don’t know why I still keep trying and telling myself it may be different this time even though the result stays the same. No matter which plane, which settings, which location or durance of flight. I always have massive FPS loss on arrival.

Arrival at EDDK - Stuttery 27FPS

Reload at the same location with the same settings. - Smooth 37 FPS

Mainthread +7 ms, Manipulators +6 ms and CoherentGTUIThread +7 ms.


Can you try turning live traffic off?

Everything off except satellite and live weather. I fiddled with all the settings already and it doesn’t change.