After playing a few hours, FPS drops from 40 to 5FPS

I had before automaticilly automaticily page settings and fps drops down due to memory leak.
After I set manual bufor for max 5GB performance is great. FPS doenst drop. I have 32GB ram and rtx 3080.

And at beginning of process first I turn off and as I mension before mafs crashed to windows at hard level airports landing (maybe ram was full).

Before this every flight above 1h was terrible experience, fps drops 40 to 2.
Now Is like never before.

that I mean… windows increase the pagefile automaticly, but only if some preconditions are given ( e.g. mentioned here ). Very often the drive which contains the pagefile have less free space and windows does no increase the pagefile. Then we often recommend to set forced min value and a sufficent max value ( as example 8192 / 32000 ). So far I know Windows use pagefile also to defrag the memory, and therefore it is imporant in special for MSFS.

Yeap You might be right, but in my case decreasing max page file to 5gb stops memory leak.

Before it as fps drops down as ram use was about 40% and fule page size was 32gb (cant technical explain this).

I also decrease content in community size from 300gb to 30gb.

Maybe some of content impact to this issue too.

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hmmm… now I understand how you mean it… and that sounds strange , but realy intressting. Like it can not clean fast enough the pagefile. But I also thought the dev’s have done a lot optimization and the memory consume is drastical reduced since a while ( also the commited memory ). Former I was never a friend of that it is necessary for users to set a very huge pagefile - it simple shorten the lifetime of ssd drastic.

That much content in community folder can cause issues, is a old topic ( so far I remember )… I’ve been not up2date what happend in meanwhile related to this.

I own 64GIG RAM and have only a ‘emergency’ max size of 1024 and its never used. With this amount of RAM windows can do all “in-memory” ,… On other side I have not many mods in community folder… may be one of it caused the issue in your case.

I had done many test.
Flghts with empty community folder, reinstall windows and msfs, video settings and tesolutions to low etc

Only turning off in first step and resized to 5gb in next may change the game.

So Im not sure to opinion about impact some content.

I’ll try that. I think that looks promising considering that I installed it on a different drive which doesn’t have pagefile.

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I also have it on a separate drive. Really would be interesting if this was a paging issue.

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Sadly, limiting pagefile to 5GB does not fix issue for me. I have also limited it to 5GB but performance degradation was same as always.

For the first time it sounded good for me, because I have only 50GB left on my SSD so if there was something broken in MSFS it could be easily filled up in short amount of time. But in the end I have 64GB of RAM and MSFS never uses more than 20GB…

Screenshot after 40minutes of flight with pagefile limited to 5GB:

Screenshot after restarting flight (same location, plane):

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addition note: there is a difference in working set and commited memory. Taskmanager shows per default the working set only. You have to add columns in details tab or use the resource-manager.
But yes, as mentioned, the memory consume of msfs is drastical decreased with an update ( not meant together with usage of some mods ) and I assume in your case the pagefile is anyway not used ( see my former post ).

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So strange… if U have 64gb ram I think U may turn page file off. And cache in msfs too.

not off :stuck_out_tongue: … there should be at least a minimum pagefile for windows. It can works long time without pagefile, till the day x comes :slight_smile:

With “cache” you mean rolling cache ? this is also different thing… what users not need is RAM-disc or whatsever… windows itself cache a lot of file-content into the memory ( in old ages called smartdrv ).

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My pagefile is managed by Windows.
And after playing the sim for some Time it grows up to 25GB.
So i would guess the sim uses it quite a lot.
Haven’t had any Performance degradation since Su7 beta.
Only 16GB RAM.

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important is to mention the used mods, tools, etc…

My assumption what causing this goes still more to some of the used mods. If the pagefile must extensivly used, because some parts of use much memory or fragments the memory, the trouble ( in special stutters ) may start, it is just a “file” and not real-existing-RAM.
May there is also a relation how windows itself managed that, whats may be reason why @lopezik7739 got a beneffit with lowering ( not allow more ) the pagfile-size. But I think whats need to find is “what cause these high memory usage”.

Somehow, just giving you a “LIKE” seems Inadequate, so a Massive THANK YOU to you and your team for this work.

Hopefully, this has brought about a permanent fix to the FPS drop over time.

Any chance of being able to watch this Video you speak of.


WU8 didn’t include ANY system related updates, as far as i remember their statement in the last QnA. This is because they want to gather the fixes to betatest it for a longer period before the System updates every two month. Makes sense imo.
Of course hotfixes will be applied outside schedules… :blue_heart:

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Flew a lot this weekend to “attempt” to enjoy Australia. I have 11th gen i7, RTX 3080 32GB RAM. Normally get smooth playable >40fps with maxed settings.

However, several hours into the flight, it drops to a stuttering, mostly unplayable semi-slideshow 6-8 fps. With normal play, I am “limited by main thread”, but with this slide show, I am always, “Limited by Coherent GTDraw”. When this happens, the machine is barely utilizing my PC and GPU, even when I try to force it in constant “performance mode” - has to be a sim issue.

Do we know what is causing this and how to fix it? Is MS/Asobo aware of the issue? I did troubleshooting, and my machine plays everything else fine, including benchmarks.

Starting and stopping the sim did not help. However, restarting the PC did - until it happens again. This is odd.


I think we have multiple issues here.

  • Some people just have high main thread times on longer flights. (Manipulators showing high frame time too)
  • Some people have problems with CoherentGTDraw.
  • Some have high main thread frame time plus high memory usage.

This thread is mainly about the first problem but we seem to have a lot of performance issues here and it doesn’t make things easier. Hopefully Asobo can shed some light on these issues because these have been a problem since release, the CoherentGTDraw thing occasionally ruins my flight and the low FPS thing almost always happens eventually.


I just wanted to add that my experience has been very much the same as many people here. I fly the Longitude exclusively, and this FPS drop appears for me after flying even shorter flights. I flew last night from Phoenix to Burbank (about an hour and a half total time in the sim) and once I entered LA airspace, the FPS dropped to about 15, and once I was on final, it dropped to single digits. Clearly, the LA area is highly congested, so I get that it is probably a contributor to the problem overall. I also had the ‘Coherent’ draw problem. (Win 11, i9-10850k, RTX 3070, 32g)

My plan is to create several saved flights into cities where I fly from different directions, then take off from my origin, fly to within the area of my destination, exit FS, restart it, and load one of the saved flights to end the trip. Talk about an immersion killer - but it’s all I can think of for now. Let’s hope MSAsobo resolves this as HybridNZ noted above.

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I read a significant amount of threads and posts throughout this entire forum.

There are many issues that sound alike and/or seem to crossover.

Have any of you stripped your install completely down to nothing — no mods, no installed content of any kind such as World Updates, marketplace aircraft beyond the base included aircraft, no fancy home cockpit hardware, etc. and run a test?

There has been literally dozens of tests with “vanilla” MSFS - but degradation is also present on default planes.

3rd party add-on is first thing that comes to mind, but it was already excluded long time ago…

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