After SimUpdate 5 & 6: Kepler GPUs with mesh/coast bug

This is from the Finland scenery with the world update Nordic installed and updated. I saw it happening elsewhere too.

  • My community folder is empty and was empty prior to the installation.
  • All updates in the content manager are installed.
  • Rolling cache file deleted and rebuilt.
  • Re-installed the sim.

I am on a very old GTX 760.
I am using the Steam version.

I haven’t seen this problem being mentioned anywhere yet, so I am guessing it could be on my side, but I am running out of ideas. Does anyone have an idea? Thanks!

As it looks it is actually a bug in the SU5. Please post at least your GPU to help narrowing it down. Thanks.

Thanks to @ChaoticSplendid it seems that only Kepler GPUs are affected. Since this issue only appeared after SimUpdate 5, there is a chance that Asobo might fix it.

As @StatueBohne35 noted, it is recommended to send a Zendesk report, as this thread will not get many votes.

I have the same issue (deep chasms around bodies of water mostly) with my GeForce GTX760, also Steam version. This was not happening before SU5.


Thanks for your feedback. I checked again and I am actually also on a GTX 760.
I hope they will fix it, since it did not happen before the update.


This is similar to my problem - in my case I have long East to West chasms in the landscape. I’m using a 1 year old Geforce RTX 2060.

Has someone left the Grid lines in the map??? :smiley:


It just crashes for me… don´t know why.
I downloaded the new G1000 panel from Marketplace, and I have the moded DA40 model… worked befor.
Anyone els with issues?

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Same issue for me. @AnimalBroom4108 I also have the mod but I didn’t crash with the DA 62, for which the mod also applies.

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I have the same problem!!
my gpu: GTX 660 3GB

Yes, I have installed MSFS for the first time and I have the same Problem at the Area of Germany near EDDL.


What GPU do you use?

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Flying from EDDB to EDDF and seeing these things all over the map after the SU5 Update. Never had it before the update…


I also have this problem too. It happens everywhere. I am using an old Nvidia GTX780M (iMac 27" bootcamp, early 2013) graphics card. Everywhere in the world there are strange mesh problems
(no spikes). Some are as you can see around waterbodies and others are on land. It happened also with a clean install of MSFS 2020. Do you guys also have this issues with SU5 and the patch.

I also removed all the world updates, cleared the rolling cache, update the video drivers, even did a clean install of the sim again with an empty community folder, still the same. :frowning:


I’m having the same problems around the Oklahoma City area. As the craters fill in, they appear to be centered around bodies of water, be it a lake, stream or even a small pond. A canal that goes underground for about a mile is now trying to lay on the surface.
This is weird… prior to SU5, my scenery was great, a bit out of date, but great. Now, the aerial imagery looks to be at least 5 to 6 years old. The rental car facility at the north end of Will Rogers (KOKC) is gone and is now a muddy field the way it looked 5 years ago when construction started. Buildings that were torn down years ago are now back. Also, the shoreline of Lake Hefner is all muddy, as it was 5 years ago during a horrible drought here. Could the popping shorelines be the sims attempt to reconcile old aerial imagery with new vector data on coastlines (maybe??). Could they have actually dialed back the imagery to older, less load demanding stuff ??

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Hotfix Version not fixed!! :sob:

Yes. I was expecting that. No mentioning of this bug so far. Can anyone share a link to an official list of known bugs? Just want to make sure, that this problem is on the official radar.

Same problem since SU5 in France
Zendesked it

Same issues over Scotland like giant sink holes in scenery never had this before update 5 . hot fixes have not changed it Dissappointed.
I am running gforce GTX 770 seems to be affecting the lower spec cards

The strange thing is that when I start flying from the Seattle area, these “holes” appears too, but when flying towards them, the mesh loads and fixes itself. Everything looks ok then.

Hi folks. Been tearing my hair out trying to find solution and/or if anyone else has this problem. Glad I’ve found this thread so “I’m not alone”!!! I’ve got a GTX Titan card. I’ve had no real problems up to now with the sim, and been fortunate not to have experienced half the problems others have had. But now since SU5 I’ve got sink holes appearing almost very where except over the ocean or I’ve had to confine myself to lot of desert flying where I can set everything on Ultra had have no “popping” of scenery or sink holes and the Sim is what it should be. But as soon as I go anywhere more complex - bang! Holes can be in the form of buildings, shore lines, small suburban lakes and everything I see in your pics.
I’m no computer expert but I can read and follow instructions but I cant see anyone that might have an answer to this problem. I’m aware of all the things to do ie rename community folder, update drivers, etc etc before installing updates. I usually wait a day or two before I download so that all the computer gurus can find any new problems .
Hopefully a solution will be found for “us”.

Same here. Large troughs through the scenery with or without Community contents. Only after update 5.
I have an Nvidia GTX 1080 with G-sync. Even present around the Edinburgh Orbyx commercial download

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Just sink holes. Its happening all over the earth like what happened to Atlantis just before she went jelly belly up