AI Real Traffic OK

Great work Asobo, finally AI Real Traffic seems working fine.

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Witch AI Real Traffic ?

Native MSFS AI Real Traffic using AIG AI models

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How do you use the AIG models with the Real Traffic of MSFS?

Its working to a degree but its still a bit iffy. Look closely at an aircraft that pops into view for a live flight and you will see that the nose gear is still missing. Its only when the service vehicle with the orange roof lights appears a little later that the nose gear pops into view. This tells me they managed to get it going but have not entirely reversed the damage that was done last year.

Live traffic is approximately 35 mins delayed, I hung around Manchester airport and witnessed incoming and outgoing flights.

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Of course, it can never be in real time.
And now they finally take off and the way things had turned out, it’s a great success.

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Steady on, there’s still a way to go.

The behaviour of the planes is still problematic. Every other plane still has to do a go around and planes holding short start doing slow circles if they wait too long.

Good progress, though.

“OK” / “Fine” is relative. They’ve fixed taking off. That’s it. It’s still stupid, still loiters on the runway at 5 kts ignoring all exits until it gets to the end.

It’s improved, but “fine” suggests nothing is wrong and is giving it too much credit.


Yep, they fixed the takeoff issue. The problem is that the planes take off on one direction and land on the other direction.


Yeah, that was the case when I landed on my 1 flight so far. Myself and another plane who was #2 behind me were landing on 12, AI traffic was taking off on 30 at the other end of the runway.

Again, a bug that was reported right away after the first SU8 beta was launched, but ignored.


Kind of fun, aside from the break in realism.

Landing at a busy airport is like dodging SAMs, but more like SA747s.

It’s fine FOR ME. As stated, it’s all relative. And fine is appropriate to me.

Could somebody check whether AIG aircraft landing at KATL? They just go around for me, never land!

Still a lack of traffic outside of major airports. Even the various AFB get no love. Hopefully they continue to improve all airports large and small.

If it can’t be real time then there’s no point on calling it “Live Traffic”

They just fix a bug that was introduced in sim update 5 so half year to fix this that was working on release version. The rest still the same and we still have a ai traffic logic worst than fsx from 2006


I didn’t witness that at Manchester, they were all coming in and going out in the same direction correctly

It is a real time with a delay of about 20/30 minutes.
In my opinion it is more than acceptable.

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I don’t know if it is really the limit that MSFS engine can achieve and real time with a delay does not make sense, at least in my opinion. It is like having the live weather but with the delay in snow cover til July .