Ai Traffic Needs Fixing Wishlist Thread

FYI - AIG AI Manager has a ton of Bizjet flightplans available.


Hi Kaiii3 and everyone
That’s good news. I’m almost done with instalation of Airlines from OCI. By the way wonderfull job from AIG Team . Thank you.
I really hope to see you guys on MSFS2020 . Doesn’t matter the time it take. I’m patiente.


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  1. For that all models need to be in the Sim added as well as the correct entries n the cfg files
  2. More or less already possible if you have a 737 (if they add it as flyable it is very easy to use if for AI as well)

I voted this topic asking Asobo to fix AI traffic. There is nothing against 3rd party devs working on AI traffic too, but the main need is that Asobo should deliver a good stable AI Traffic experience at some point in the next months without a need for anybody to spend more money to get that. :relaxed:. Confident we will get that though.

I was seeing airliners basically buzzing the tower at Frankfurt the other day, coming in at a 90 degree angle to the runway, aborting a landing then flying over the airport at 400 ft, doing some hard banks then landing on the runway.

Also a lot of real world airliners are showing as GA aircraft and it ruins immersion at larger airports.

I don’t get why the post FEEDBACK SNAPSHOT progress when they change stuff, they said in august Ai traffic is in progress, and in the new FEEDBACK SNAPSHOT said they didn’t start, I don’t get what the point fo release useless updates

here you can see in the august update



Please make AI take controls when live traffics approach to airports so they can follow ATCs.

Live traffic is an amazing feature but I think it need to be improved a bit.

Especially when landing KSEA, KSFO or any busy airports – since they are live traffic, sometime they overtake but it is okay since MSFS have no plane-plane collisions.

But the biggest annoyance of live traffic is they don’t vacate runways while ATC asks to the live traffic to exit the runway 3 times or more but they just sit in there. Which makes me to go around multiple times even I had enough distance to the runway threshold.

In the latest version, I found (in this specific case)

  • AI (live traffic) never takes off
  • AI disappears on runway after landing
  • ATC lets AI go around for no reason

I have other videos showing some part of the world, the AI is working alright.


As requested I moved this to the Wishlist


AI traffic: I see the planes in the air, I hear clearance for landing, but I don’t see anyone landing. :sob:


same, yesterday I have seen that pb at KMIA for example

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Happens also randomly with ai traffic 747, 787, A320…

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yes seen this for example at KMIA or LFPG…

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Dear Asobo,

By far you created the most impressive Flight Simulator for hobby purposes ever. That you made it possible to visit the entire world is outstanding. Thanks for that.

Further more you promised me that i could see the real life air traffic in real time within your FS. But it is really disappointing by now.

There are already some developers trying to finish your work, but they are struggling since the SDK has not yet started to help improving AI traffic whatsoever.

Many people already complained about all the issues…

My wish:
I want to increase immersion and realism in this brilliant simulator you build. I want to see real airliners in the game. Please improve the SDK so the community can finish the AI traffic how it should be.

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Could you clarify exactly what you are requesting? Real live traffic (Data Connection - Live Real-World Air Traffic) is NOT the same as AI Traffic (Aviation Traffic - Aircraft Traffic Type). Also, there is airport ground traffic (Airport Life - Ground Aircraft Density). They are all independent. Currently, for me Live Traffic is enabled and AI Traffic and ground traffic are disabled. Real live traffic is displayed on VFR Map, in the sky, and at airports. Recently I was on final approach and an Airbus from Live Traffic flew in front of me and cut me off. Other times, when taxiing for takeoff, I hear and see aircraft from Real Life Traffic requesting pushback and I see them taxiing for takeoff while real live traffic aircraft are landing.

If I enable AI Traffic, I will disable Real Live Traffic as the skies would then be filled with more aircraft than what is really there.

There are options to either use “generic” or “real” for AI Traffic. What am I missing?

Traffic in general is very disappointing and broken. To define what i mean with “AI Traffic”.

1.) AI Traffic is either the generic random traffic and the “Real Life” dependend AI Traffic. Both behave strange. Block runways. Does not move. Suddenly disappear. Landing looks unrealistic. Aircraft dont follow realistic routes. Dont climb like in real life etc. etc.

-> SDK should implement to change these patterns of movement, taxiing, landing etc.

2.) Real Life traffic is way more than what we see in game, there is also a big delay of 15-20minutes. Aircraft type and liveries are not represented in the simulator. Compare Flightradar 24 on big hubs while you sit there in FS.

-> SDK should implement to change this: improve Real Life data to ingame aircraft model and livery, improve the amount and the real time dependency on what we see in game. It is not working as promised. There is a huge lack.

3.) Generic AI Traffic: when i set the commercial AI traffic bar to 100% i rarely hear any other airliner on ATC during long cruises. It is not working.

-> in FSX we had i.e. AIG, Ultimate Traffic etc -> we could set scheduled AI traffic flight plans
-> improve SDK to have that in FS 2020

I see there is already a huge post concerncing that. Please vote there!

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I couldn’t agree more. Both AI traffic and Live traffic are a complete disaster. I used to sit and watch planes come and go in FSX and it was almost like watching a real airport. This is impossible in MSFS2020 at the moment. I also demand that they fix it or let third parties do it. It is a pitty that such a great simulator is so crippled. Please, do something!


sim is only out a few months, patience is needed.
why do these gamers always want everything asap? not going to happen.
main problem this sim has now, is the amount of gamers with no knowledge at all, seemingly.

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It was one of the main promises they gave: real time traffic…

For some (like me) AI Traffic is a big part of immersion (thats why people play sims right?).

Game just feels unfinished in some parts, especially traffic concerns.


We must be using two different programs because Live Traffic is working fine for me. Live traffic aircraft arrive and depart like normal. The VFR map is filled with aircraft flying their departure and arrival routes. Also, when enroute I can see the aircraft near me as displayed in the VFR Map and I will receive a traffic alert from ATC if too close. When I am on the World Map and select “Live Traffic” the screen is filled with arrivals and departures at large airports. Small airports may have only one or two or maybe none at all. In other words, I find Real-Live Traffic realistic, immersive, and enjoyable. The 15 - 20 minute delay is acceptable and reasonable. (If there was some sort of emergency in real life, I would not want that to be fed to MSFS.) There might be some expectations that somehow a “” feed is mapped directly into MSFS. That isn’t going to happen…

On the other hand, there are problems with AI Traffic enabled beyond AI aircraft blocking runways and parking gates. It is broken and, for me, causes desktop crashes consistently whenever I enable it. When it works, it is not realistic, not even close to Live Traffic. I’ve just started working with the SDK. I would think that any AI Traffic dependent development would not work correctly because of the possibly broken core engine. I am keeping AI Traffic turned off until this is fixed.

Even though it seems like Live Traffic and AI Traffic are the same or linked together, I see them as two different, discrete parts of MSFS.

UPDATE: Real Live Traffic stopped working for me at the same as reported by other users. If this isn’t fixed right away, Real Live Traffic should be disabled or at least marked “Inop.” until fixed. And all AI Traffic has mostly vanished. Airports have become virtual ghost towns.

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