AI Traffic - the unbeloved child of MS and Asobo

I know there are lots of topics and this one will either be banned or moved or closed or whatsoever because there is enough anger in the community.

I saw many youtube influencers adore MS/Asobo for SU 11…40th anniversary…gliders (nice), helicopters (wow)…

The point is that after more than two years neither MS nor Asobo are anyhow able to fix their game in the broken core aspect. The ATC is more than poor. The AI Traffic is broken every patch although very talented people from AIG and now FSTL do workarounds and offer really nice solutions to bring any immersion to the game.

The last SU 11 broke their efforts once more and it is quite…i cant find the proper word…DISAPPOINTING me that i pay 30€ for the Hong Kong airport just to see that one plane after another just SPAWNS at the cargo gates because the AI is so friggin not working. The planes dont approach neither land…they JUST SPAWN THERE!

How broken is this game in this kind of core mechanics.

I really dont need atmospheric effects or wind effects around planes when there is something so basic so much inoperable.

The game is far beyond what it could offer. The community solutions are there. But MS/Asobo is just not doing their job.

Sure Gliders and Helicopters were on the list. But AI and ATC are since release.

Its just sad and it keeps me from enyoing this game anymore.


Agree 100%
Unbelievable how its even worse than 2 years ago.
Such an important component of getting a true to life experience, and they just ■■■■ on it, more or less.
Thank god for the community modders that tries their best to fix the issues, despite getting shot in the foot by Asobo each and every update. Kudos to the modders!


I agree with everything you said except what I quoted. I still enjoy the game but like you and many others I am totally disappointed with AI Traffic. The most annoying thing for me is the sound bug.


this can be a Airport Issue as well - in 99% it is caused by a faulty designed airport. Sadly to many new scenery developers do do not how to design a airport for proper AI traffic.

IMO the biggest issue at the moment is the mix of live/offline Traffic in the Sim using different systems. I hope to see in a future a traffic system within the Sim that is able to handle both types of traffic the same way. Based on the ChangeLog of SU11 I can see some potential moves by Asobo to go this way - at least I hope so.

DO not underestinamte the time and effort it takes to redesign a new AI system for such a complex simulator :wink: There are many people working/thinkuing about AI at the moment over at Asobo and MS, but it takes time.


Sometimes I will “airport watch” on my Flight Radar 24 app at O’Hare airport. Here you usually have 3 parallel landing runways in use, two of those being used for departures, as well as a third south-westerly runway used for some departures to the south.

All departing traffic is assigned vectors. There are no published SIDs. All arriving traffic is vectored in with the end of the line sometimes 30-40 nm out over the lake as they are lining up. 747’s coming in from Alaska and Asia. 777’s and A330’s from Europe. A320’s and B737’s from large domestic airports. Smaller CRJs and Embraer’s from regional airports. UPS and FedEx cargo planes crowding the skies late at night.

I go into a cold sweat trying to think of how you would code up an AI to work all of those activities. I’m glad there are humans working the towers and centers :slight_smile:


you can design something like this, but that will take some time^^ and in case of the Sim the User comes into action as well, not always following the ATC instructions so the ATC-AI has to react to that as well :wink:


I’m with the OP. It’s really great that MS and Asobo are committed to develop this product further. And the A310 is nice, etc.

But this is all shiny and nice for some headlines and selling. On the other hand so many (sometimes tiny things, sometimes big) stuff is broken from the beginning. And no one seems to care.

I wish they would bring out a 40years and 1 month anniversary update with bug fixes only. I mean really bug fixes.

Just a really (really) tiny example. Fix the LOD of the hood of the jetways. From the first flight in MSFS2020 to now, when I sit at the gate in the cockpit and turn my head to the left, it appears way to late. There are so many of these little things, and sadly quite an amount of big things to be fixed first. And then one can go ahead and bring new stuff (free or payware whatever suits MS best).


It’s been out how long … and I have not even seen this bug you mention :wink:
And to me that would be the least of my priorities. If instead they would work on ATC to actually use runways correctly based on WX, preferred runway priorities etc.
Fix the general flight dynamics so that a GA single actually flies like a GA single including stalls etc.
Oh and if they stll have time fix the bloody logbook so it actually works and let me save the last flight and start from there as a default.

So you see totally different priorities just between the two of us. How many users are there now ??


I mean if you ask me the sim has improved 1000 fold since release. If you think otherwise then you’re literally only focusing on the things that are broken. Sure AI and ATC isn’t perfect, but luckily for me, those are not make or break things for the game. If i want ATC, i’ll jump onto VATSIM. I could care less about ai traffic and native ATC since neither of that stuff affects my enjoyment. Its obvious others have different opinions and that’s just fine.


Time to bring in neural networks for AI traffic or machine learning via Azure.

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I think they need 2 or 3 Bug Fix and Quality Of Life Updates only, of course not every bug can be fixed, but to be over two years with the same bugs on release day and regressions in other updates still not fixed it’s simply not good enough.

I’ve followed the development of many massive titles in my gaming decades, unfortunately this one is the worst for not dealing with the above in a timely manner.

Of course it is also brilliant and I’m still enjoying it thoroughly, but a little TLC would go a looooong way if they actually paid attention to the bugs & issues that they’ve created for themselves - Fix what’s broke, don’t just brush it all under the carpet.


To me this post smells of frustration of avid fans who wish to see things improve not go backwards, the AI are another regression to add to the list of regressions that happen practically every update. The evidence is there for all to see since release, things haven’t improved and that brings frustration to users no matter what the bug or issue is that they’re referring too.


The graphics are so downgraded right now on Xbox Series X/S that’s its almost unplayable. I wouldnt hold my breath for things like better AI traffic if they can’t get even the basic, ‘casual’ things right.

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Yes, me sneaking in on an F-18 would be problematic.

On a bit more of a serious note, if let’s say they did have a fully accurate model at O’Hare, if I set up a flight arriving there during the peak, there would literally be no place in the pattern for me to land. I would be a flight that wasn’t on Flight Aware, so they wouldn’t hold a spot for me on the approach. I’ll just land on the taxiway :+1:

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Yes fully agree, but the state that it was during release was embarrassing, right? Some (a lot!) of that progress should have been made behind the scenes before release.

That is not the answer for everyone, and surely not the answer for a broken or dysfunctional part of the sim.

Just because it is low in your list, it doesn’t mean that’s the story for everyone. The wishlist has voting buttons, and AI has been in the top 10 for 2 years.
AI (online or offline) is one of the most immersive features that gives true life to the sim.


Well they would fit you in eventually…just like in the real world. Just make sure you practice holding patterns a little before you call up and bring extra fuel.
I never did get the chance with OHare but I have LAX,SFO and LAS in my logbooks with PA28 and 32.
Real ATC is amazing at what they manage to pull off.

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I agree 100%…
This aparent default answer is really getting old. Not everyone wants LIVE this and LIVE that.
Or some of us fly in regions where there is no VATSIM coverage.
Then I have to fly where there is ?? No I would like an ATC system that works at least as good as FS9/FSX.


I don’t dispute the fact that it takes time to re-write the AI logic as the current code is heavily based on FSX. I really get all that. They can come out and say look guys, here is the timeline and we will get that done in the next year or so. Everyone will leave them alone if they just commit to a specific timeframe.
They’ve been dancing around this for far too long imo.

ATC is another one that needs a ton of work. The fact that TOD is not recognized by the logic is criminal, this is is fundamental feature that should just work out of the box.


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I agree with this. I really wish they would spend some more time fixing the underlying platform rather than building extra content. Imagine the simulator we’d have if the number of resources producing all these addon historic aircraft (which most will only fly a handful of times and move on) were poured into improving the base simulator platform.

I do remember at one stage the team said that their focus would be the base simulator platform and that third parties would handle a lot of the ‘addon’ content. I guess their priorities have changed since then.