AIG Live Traffic and Traffic Controller -- CTDs Due to Legacy File Change in SU10!

Looks good for me. I was able to load up PSXT and Vatsim with no crashes on the full AIG set (including 767s). Even RTLS model sets are working which were crashing immediately for me.


Still seeing no traffic departures though but I think something may be borked on my end. Will have to do a full reinstall of the sim if the final Su10 release doesn’t resolve it.

I did definitely see departures from KBOS flight today. However the departures were messed up. Taxi’d to mid runway and took off mid water. I dont know if thats scenery problem or aig. Using flytampa kbos.

At LFLL, everything works fine, expect that aircraft are unable to pushback… “Pushback request accepted”, then nothing happen

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U are not alone with this issue

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Asobo has confirmed two fixes that caused the CTDs. So we can close this topic for now.

For the departure bug/issue with live traffic please use the other topic so it can be tracked seperatly as well: Live traffic - No departing traffic for a long time (unless sign off / on ingame) - #65 by Squibby6134


Well…it is NOT FIXED. Sorry.

Same error message during AIG Traffic Controller loading.

BANG…and the next one. 100% CTD

…and the 3rd one! This time with the faulty FAIB Models disabled!

2nd Image shows an error way before adding MDLX stuff, so it must be something else

I’m not an expert, but all 3 images shows the point where AIG TC loads into the sim.

That’s all I can say.

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image 2 shows “load airports” this is far before adding any models to the Sim. So it most likely not related to the Models but maybe the SimConnect connection

Yep that stuff seems to me more related to the other memory related issues on the SU9 bug report.

Anything that adds stuff on top on your RAM can cause such issues if memory handling does not work properly. There are some things which could lead to such exceptions, in general:

  • Faulty memory management/garbage collecting on the applications end
  • Too slow build up of the needed page file after RAM runs out (OS related issue)
  • Faulty RAM on your system

For the too slow build up of the page file there is a workaround provided by Microsoft as this is a known OS related issue if the files size is automatically set. I provided some information about this including the original MS article over here:

The goal of this procedure is to reserve possibly needed page space in advance so it has not to be estimated, reserved and build by Windows when needed.

I’ve already mentioned this to Kaiii in AIG discord, but I can’t get AIM to verify setup without it crashing my entire PC (not just the app). I’ve even got so desperate to remove everything AIG, then download AIM and AIGTC again, to no avail. Every single time I try to verify setup, or download a new flightplan in AIM, it BSOD’s my PC. :frowning:

Is this issue, AIGTC Traffic injection , when NOT removing FAIB Models, crashing the sim BETA Build 4, still present?

Today I installed AIGAIM AND AIGTC after a complete fresh install of windows and the sim 4 weeks ago. I flew weeks without AIGAIM AND AIGTC, and not a single CTD.

Today after installing aigaim and AIGTC I CTD after round about 30 min. I managed zo set up a320 Fenix at LIRN , took off after 30 min and CTD after further 5 to 10 min.

Do that’s why I am asking myself, if the FAIB Models still could be the cause for the sim to CTD? I used AIGTC and did NOT followed the instruction to delete the OCI Beta CVT folder.

Any feedback or status on this?


I’ve been using AIG with SU10 Beta 2-4 without any CTDs. The AIG Controller still crashes like crazy but I’m not seeing CTDs with FS2020.

And you are using the FAIB Models as well, so not deleted or moved them? Especially the 767 models?

And have you installed the AIG-OCI in the community folder or somewhere else (mine is in the community folder)?

Nothing deleted. I have it installed in another directory (on same drive) and use an addon linker to create the alias for it in the Community directory.