AIG Live Traffic and Traffic Controller -- CTDs Due to Legacy File Change in SU10!

I don’t get it… don’t you have to disable default traffic file to use AIG traffic models ?
Also are you using only AIG Models with default MSFS traffic or with AIG TC or any other traffic injector?

Yes you need to disable default traffic file but when you update the sim the traffic file was restored in my case and after reinstalling AIM, the traffic file modified again. That is i think, what made it work again. I am only using AIG Models with default MSFS traffic i don’t use traffic controller only the models. :slight_smile:

I think it’s safe to assume your experience is an outlier as a lot of us can reproduce the CTD every single time.


Really? If so, I’ll have to try it.

You just Uninstaller aig, deleted the plane models, and reinstalled?

“That is i think, what made it work again”

Sounds more like some kind of Vodoo to me :sweat_smile:

Oh I see, I never did, ever, activate the aig traffic file… I only use aig to match for vatsim.

So you also have much more CTDs when using vatsim with AIG models as with SU 9?

FWIW, I have been using AIG Models, including FAIB, in SU10 beta with MSFS’s real-time online traffic option enabled for a couple of days now. No CTDs and traffic is showing up where it normally does looking pretty as ever like in SU9.

Perhaps this is key because I never activated the AIG traffic file either.

How do you activate this tho? Also are you guys using aig traffic controller at all?

When you start the AIG Manager it tells you the default traffic file is present and asks if you wish to disable it, to which I select NO.

No. I have it installed but I am more than happy with the real-time online traffic MSFS injects itself, so I don’t use it.

All, as Kaiii mentioned here, if you would like to help Asobo identify the root issue, please go to AIG’s discord and follow the steps he provided there. It will send Asobo more info (a dump file) so they can replicate the issue.

Possible solution - AIG & live traffic - no CTD

1 Go to community folder and delete folder named aig-aitraffic-oci-beta_CVT_

2 Go to


open folder named LocalCache
delete folder $PC$
open folder SceneryIndexes - delete all files
go to


delete all folders
go to


delete all folders

Launch MSFS and fly safe.


EGLL - 30 minutes plane spotting - AIG & live traffic

OMDB - 30min …

KEWR - 30 …



3h 30min without CTD // AIG & live traffic


Just tried this and it seems to work for me. Felt a big scary mashing that delete button, but they were all caches anyway. Thanks!

SU10 beta, AIG and Live Traffic, back on the menu…

If people type %localappdata% in windows explorer, it’ll lead them down the right x:\Users[YourUserName]\AppData\Local\ path bit…


Hey @Kaiii3 - see what TenPatrol just tried!


You’re very welcome :slight_smile:

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How on earth did you come to these steps? I want to try it!

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It’s magic, mate :rofl:
Honestly I was a bit bored … :wink:


It works thx mate

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Will deleting any of these files cause any issues, potentially? Or are they all cache?

That’s my concern. That’s a lot of deleting and seems like a lot of potential risk to other 3rd party items installed.

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