Air Manager G1000 needed!

Is there anyone out there who knows how to put a basic G1000 PFD display together on Air Manager? All of the basic functionality is there in other instrument. I know there was an XP11 version in development on GitHub, but it seems to have stalled a few years ago. Surprising that we still don’t have at least a basic offering to match the limited functionality of the PFD on MSFS. Using pop-ups with the in-sim versions slows my triple set up to a halt. Added to that, the in-sim version pops out with very bad refresh rates, even on the highest glass screen settings.


Don’t expect native G1000 in AirManager, it’s way too complex. The X-Plane G1000 in AM is just a bezel with the X-Plane-native G1000 moved to AM panel.
If you are not happy about it, probably the only option for you is to create G1000 for AM on your own :wink:
According to AM team (check their forums) we should expect G5 adapted to MFS 2020 in November.

There is already a rudimentary G5 with the Aspen 1000 on Air Manager which I have been using on my Realsim G1000. It offers a basic alternative, so wondering if anyone knows how to adapt it to a basic G1000 looking display? Also, I wasn’t referring to the XP11 Bezel mod. There was also a partially developed XP11 display on Github that was never completed. Doubtless due to the complexity you mention. Though I don’t expect a fully working G1000 on Air Manager, it would be great to see something moderately functional for networked connections.

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What about adopting the Bezel for FS2020? That way it can at least be poped out on a touch screen and the buttons and Knobster used? Of course it would have to be a screen that’s on the same PC i believe.

I believe this is the gitub from the Bezel that’s in AM now. It’s just for Xplane. Anyone have any idea how to do that?

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The ability to have multiple windows with MSFS is not here yet, but is in the development path.

Regarding the G1000, we’re still waiting for the G1000 events to work. They’re listed in their SDK, but still don’t work :frowning:


Well now they do but not by the built in means.
MOBIFlight WASM Event Module + Air Manager 4 beta now works and gives you the contrrol you need. It gives you access to pretty much ALL the FS2020 G1000 functionality and supports Knobster too. I’ll be posting my HOW-TO write up on it on the Forum here later this evening and posting a YouTube Video when I have a chance to finish it up.


Once AM can support the G530, G1000, G3000 as well as screens and FMS for the CJ4, A320 and upcoming CRJ I’ll be ready to buy.

I’m thinking of 2x 15" touch screens displays one each mounted to a Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo.

The latest wasm module also contains A320 event ID’s

Recent updates have significantly improved MSFS pop-up frame rates. I’m now able to pop-up both screens for the TBM G3000 on my Realsim G1000 panels, as well as an extra monitor for the mini display. Works nicely. With rumours of some big additions to the Working Title G1000 mod coming soon, I’m not so worried about Air Manager anymore.

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Join the WT DIscord and you can download the beta of the new G1000 and G3000 and test them ot yourself. Then you can put rumours to rest by seeing what they are for yourself.

Word of caution - they’re feature incomplete (as in missing some features the public versions have) and not 100% stable as of yet, but lots of new stuff that’s not in the public release of the mods. I’ve been using the G3000 mod for a couple of weeks now, and I’m willing to put up with the missing features, it’s just that good. And it’s been completely stable for me. I play with the G1000 on and off. It’s a little more complete, but not quite as stable.

And the G1000 works with @XAxSys 's G1000 bezel for Air Manager.

I have been using the G1000 in AM beta that was posted on the forum and it works great. I run a pair of them on a pair of 15” monitors with a knobsters.

Just wanted to say I have been using your G530/430 panels in AM 4 beta today and they are superb. Thanks ever so much for making them available.

EDIT: Sorry, for some reason I believed these were your panels @brlowe1965 ! Not sure where I got that idea from! Anyway, the panels I have been using are those that @Crunchmeister71 posted the link to. Well worth a look.

Anyone got any strategies for the best way to line up the MSFS 430/530/1000 pull out panels with the Air Manager panels? I don’t suppose there’s a nifty trick for them to always be in the same place when you start up? (not hopeful lol!)

I’ve been using @XAxSys’ G1000 and @HeliBrewer’s GNS530 since they released them. Both work very well. Knobs are a bit awkward to use in AM, but with a Knobster, this will be fixed up (still waiting on my encoder!!!).

Yesterday while searching through the surprisingly not very active Sim Innovations forum, I found a link to a bunch of MSFS + Mobiflight compatible instruments. The one that caught my attention was the G3000 PFD. I haven’t tried these yet, but will likely do to this evening once I get my simpit reconfigured with my new 15" monitor.

Can you post a link to the post on sim innovation forum for those gauges?

Right here, good sir.

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And you’re right! There’s no way to have them open in the same spot. Don’t you just love being right? lol

What I did was make my bezels the right size so that I only need to drag the instrument into position and don’t have to resize it every time. It’s not an ideal solution, but better than the alternative.

That said, you won’t be able to do this in all cases. If you have 2 screens with G1000s, it’s easy. If you’re trying to get both a GNS 430/530 combo, that’s going to take some fiddling around and resizing of screens to get it to all work right.

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This can help you:

A workaround to save size and position of Pop-up instruments in MSFS 2020


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This is my ideal 2.0 setup. I haven’t looked at AM in a while Ill have to give it a shot again.

Being right all the time is a cross I have to bear lol!

Great suggestions - yeah, I’m more of a 530/430 guy than 1000. Already realising the pain of setting it up each time. Yves’ suggestion below looks promising.