Airbus A310-300

I’m in the middle of programming the FMS for a flight from MMMX to KSFO.

I setup the flight via the World Map and made note of the route.

2 issues:
• Cruise was set for FL420 by default in the World Map. Entering this value in the FMS results in an out of range error. If the ceiling of the A310 is lower, then the World Map needs to be made aware of this.

• The route includes three waypoints — INYOE, KYLLA & TROSE — entering any one of those results in a Waypoint not in Database error.

You need Simbrief to program a FP in this plane… If don´t, then I´m wasting my time…


I use the simplest method, I directly look for a preferred airport with ILS, I configure the route like a “car GPS” I just check the plan flight and I’m ready to run. It will depend on the user, honestly I don’t use Simbrief, I don’t burn my head on the ground, for this the pilots charge to fly. In addition, you waste a lot of time preparing the plane, depending on the user it can be cool or not, I not like to spending 45 minutes on the ground preparing the plane… but I understand that there are people who like to stay on the ground preparing the plane, it’s something that should work correctly since there are users who like to be on the ground preparing the plane.

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Simbrief or not, there should be a correlation between selectable fixes/navaids on the World Map and the navigational data used in the sim’s built-in aircraft.

The three aforementioned waypoints are able to be entered in any of the Garmin units or other default airliners’ FMS without issue.

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I use Navigraph (Jeppesen) and uninstalled the AIRAC cycle via the navdata center which takes me to using NAVBLUE. I fired up MSFS and indeed it did throw that message at me. Using Navigraph it works. I just off the cuff punched them in to see if it would accept them.

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What version of the sim are you running? Retail release or beta?

The Beta branch.

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I have just finished another test long flight and for the moment I have not had any problems with the A310 again… at least all the passengers have survived during the last 48 hours. :rofl:


Hi all,

On the virtual HUD compass in the top left corner, how do I remove the VOR needle (green line) and how do I add the NAV needle (purple line) ? I have my simbrief flight plan loaded in the MCDU and can follow that flight path within the plane itself. If it’s not possible to add the purple line can I at lease remove the VOR green line heading? Thanks for any input.

Did you try here CPT NAV Mode. And change (VOR NAV ILS)

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The switch below FD that has VOR NAV and ILS is on NAV, I’ve tried alternating this to no avail. And the ND Mode dial you have highlighted just switches how waypoints/routes are displayed correct? Note that I start at the gate cold and dark and with an IFR flight plan within world map, but also create/load in a similar route in simbrief. Only way I’ve ever seen the purple NAV needle in the top left HUD compass was when I loaded up the plane on a runway with a VFR flight plan.

Hum… Sorry I don’t know, but probably inibuildsJF can help you, try to send mensage.

Appreciate the help though, thank you.

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You welcome, I have reviewed this video ( Te enseño a cargar el FMS del A310 de INIBUILDS | PILOTO REAL AIRBUS - YouTube ) (try to see 7:30 radio aids ) can see it translated into English (CC) unfortunately it does not tell me if it is possible to do this, but it explains how to configure the flight plan, the use I do is very basic, I normally leave an airport X and look for an airport with ILS. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Why did you keep landing? :laughing:

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One of my favourite flights in real life and in the sim.

I usually do it in the headwind A330. I was thinking of doing it also in the A310 just to check if it could do it. It shouldn´t (9500 km nominal range, 11000 km flight distance), and the Simbrief flight plan complained this particular flight was beyond the aircraft range. So, in the end, I didn´t try it, and have been flying caribbean destinations instead.

How did you do it?
No passengers to be light? Flying slow to minimize fuel burn (I see 14.5 hours flight time instead of the usual 12 in that direction). Or did you refuel in mid air?

I love the A310, but this particular flight keeps me dreaming of an A350 instead…

I went to land in Cusco, Peru (SPZO) A310 arrived high and very fast in the final procedure (Rnav 8, URC Transition, without Star). But anyone with this question?

I have a question, the acceleration of it gets stuck to 100%. How come?

also when I press a, it doesn’t react and then the acceleration gets jammed, help is very appreciated :slight_smile: