Airbus A310-300

Im guessing there is no PW version…

Report here please, I’ll be checking in every day


Please watch the tutorial videos


Thank you!

The external sound profile seems loud and “muddy”, but it’s an alright plane.

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If anyone is experiencing LOW FPS with this aircraft, make sure your shadow maps are set to 2048 as stated in the docs. This cured the LOW FPS issue I’ve encountered. Try and lets us know if it also works for you.

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I’ve got a problem when the cargo doors are open, I can see right through the plane… is this a known issue ?

Love this plane so far, some hit on performance but i know you will work on it and will be better. Thank you iniBuilds.

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I take this back… must have been the airport, further testing needed.

Great study level A310 for free, is the A320 NEO going to be updated to match the A310?

Cannot turn off White dot while looking around in cockpit [PC] with Xbox controller. It kills the immersion

You can change the sound volumes in the EFB Settings page.

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Push down on right stick and it should go away.

Just landed in Madeira. I had no fps degradation. I actually had slight better performance than in Boston. I think the fact that Madeira’s airport is relatively small must have helped.


I’m having major issues with the throttle calibration. It doesn’t follow the calibration at all. Anyone else?

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Is the enchanted pack available for Xboxers on the Marketplace?

I have experienced that as well. It was a quick flight and I wasn’t following checklists so it could also just be my unfamiliarity. Time will tell once I properly learn this plane.

My only issue with this at the moment is the poor quality of the cockpit, i am on xbox x which should be more than capable of running the enhanced version that is on the PC, all you need to do is make it available as a download for us xbox simmers, if the s can’t support it you just don’t download it simple, but at least make it an option for us


Unfortunately not, no.