Aircraft Registrations

Hmmm. Wonder if my being able to update and save registrations has anything to do with having installed freeware liveries?

This may help

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ahh ok, good to know! Thanks!

Yes please, i’m sick of retyping in those 3 boxes every flight :stuck_out_tongue:

Does this also work for the “premium” planes that have no aircraft.cfg ?

I tried the Renamer app with no success. It kept adding numbers to the front of my registration number. Luckily it made a backup of all the configuration files.

You can find all Default Aircraft cfg’s in the folder in Drive:\Your FolderOfficial\OneStore e.g.


You guys should try making your own cfg for premium aircraft in the community folder. You might be able to get get away with having the entire thing blank and just have the atc_id variable set after the [FLTSIM.0] livery entry, or whatever its called. I dont have access to my files right now so IDK how its structured and named but it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out. using the non-encrypted C172 G1000 for reference. Depending on how the sim deals with custom cfgs, it might keep all the critical stuff from the official cfg and just overwrite the one variable you set. Or you could end up with an extremely broken aircraft because it decided to forget/not read all of the official vars and then leave all but atc_id blank… : /

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That app installation and path finding is about as useless as a chocolate fireguard… I have absolutly no scooby doo about where the path is, and the “get” button is like an insolent 13 year old child that just dont “get”…

Even googling default path results in multiple potential paths that relate to nothing like is on my machine… and I did find the windows app folder but what a palavour!!.

Ill stick to typing it in for now. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

A couple of posts up tells you exactly where the default aircraft.cfgs.

Can’t help more than that - and they do work.

The addon livery aircraft.cfg are in the folder where addons are located.

Forgive me… I don’t get it…

I’m lost at your folder official and blah blah

The actual location on my system for the Bonanza_G36 Aircraft.cfg is:


Open the aircraft.cfg file in the aircraft folder, scroll down to the [FLTSIM.0] and edit line atc_id

All other default aircraft are in the folder


I have only manually updated aircraft.cfg files to date and haven’t tried the renamer application yet but I assume if it is pointed in the right direction it will work.

This is a useful file

Thanks for the expansion, I’ll try it on return from work.

Perhaps its just me but I’ve changed my registration on the Cessna 172 (G1000), have shut the sim down and restarted it a few times and that registration has stuck. I’d say for the last 3 or 4 flights, I haven’t had to re-enter that info. Again, I cannot be sure that this is “fixed”, however, as my sim sits right now, the registration I have entered has remained.

Since the latest update the aircraft registration is being remembered. Unfortunately globally so every airplane has the same registration number now. So if I give my Cessna 172 the correct german registration D-EABC every other airplane will have it too, like the ultralights that must have a D-M… number or the A320 that must have D-A… So basically that fix has cost time and money and is useless, I still have to change it every time I change the plane.

Edit: And I have just noticed that this thread - which was suggested to me by the forum system - is actually pretty old and even the last reply was made 10 days ago. Apologies. Still, valid.

For me it’s ok because i only fly the A320 and so the fix works for me

Yes unfortunately it was the wrong fix really. If aircraft.cfg item atc_id_enable = 1 or 0 was functioning as intended then we’d have working registration per livery from the atc_id item and show/not show from atc_id_enable.

This is being remembered for me, but only that one registration across all aircraft.

But it would be nice to have it saved per aircraft, per livery. An in-game update to the registration field per aircraft and livery would be ideal, writing to the aircraft.cfg file

This can be done manually in the aircraft.cfg file…

“Yes unfortunately it was the wrong fix really. If aircraft.cfg item atc_id_enable = 1 or 0 was functioning as intended then we’d have working registration per livery from the atc_id item and show/not show from atc_id_enable.”

As I said in the post above you. How about we combine to a new wish

This item was delivered as part of World Update I.

For anyone hoping for registrations to be saved for different plane types, here is a topic:

For registrations by individual liveries, here is a topic: