Save a different Callsign for each aircraft

  1. Tail Number: Save it aircraft related. (i.e. for GER a c152 requires D-E…, a CJ4 requires D-C…)
  2. Flight Number: Save it aircraft related. People have their (real life) flights in mind.

So first of all thx Asobo for all your afford. Cool that we can save callsign since Patch 3. In real live every type of plane uses different call signs. For example OE-AHM is a single engine 2 seater and OE-DYU a single engine 4 seater. An Airbus 320 can never be called OE-AHM but OE-LBK. So basically it would be great to be able to save a different Callsign for each aircraft.

Aircraft registration - Wikipedia!


That actually is really country dependent. In Austria this may be the case, but it’s for certainly not true for the Netherlands.

If you have livery mods, you can assign those callsigns to each of the liveries. And the sim will always take that callsign as long as you keep the ATC options in the world map empty.


While that may be true, this feature would allow you to do whatever you want. :slight_smile:

My GA aircraft get called Beeline or Ryanair because I forget to change my ATC settings… :smiley:

do you have a link you could share on how to do that?

in your community folder, in the livery, look for a file called aircraft.cfg. Open it with a text editor. (notepad is fine, but it’s much clearer when you use notepad++)

under the [fltsim.NUMBER] look for:
atc_id=“” for the tailnumber
atc_airline=“” for the callsign
atc_flight_number=“” for the flightnumber
atc_heavy= for the heavy callsign. (0 = no; 1 = yes)

if these values are not there, you should be able to add them yourself. I haven’t tested yet whether these values require a specific order or not. But usually they are there.


cool thanks i have a bunch of livs with baked in callsigns i don’t prefer

I do agree we need the feature! :slight_smile:

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First of all, thank you for making the sim remember the number. Now, can you, please make it remember individually per aircraft not a single number for all of them?

You can change this in the AIRCRAFT.CFG file, if I am remembering correctly.

Yes, I tried that, it worked before one of the updates, but now at the next startup the sim loads the last number I entered even if I select a different aircraft and I have to enter the right one manually every time.

After any update… it will revert back to original. I must change it and save it after an update

I agree. User inputted registration, ATC and callsigns need to be saved per aircraft, not across the board.

This could be done by having a user.cfg in each aircraft folder, which could act as an extension of the aircraft.cfg

Of course the option is better again.

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maybe i can ask here? Why i see a black square on others planes instead of their callsigns.

I don’t think this is the correct sub forum for this question. :slight_smile:
I guess it belongs in Community > General Discussion and Feedback. I agree there seems to be no clear space to ask questions. Perhaps the mods could open a new subforum for questions in the Guides forum, or if there is a place for questions the description should be changed. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what could be causing it. Have you installed a mod that changes the boxes above planes?
But I suggest to ask the question again in Community > General Discussion like I said. :slight_smile:

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Thanks (no nothing installed . I can see mine but no the one from other real players)

It’s a bug, please just report it to zendesk. Figured the same when i was playing multiplayer with friends


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Hello. In the official folder, i have changed the registration number in the aircraft.cfg for all planes (without the premium deluxe, because it is not possible) and it works fine… But a few aircraft have still the original registration on it and for the ATC. It is the A320, XCub, Cessna (G1000), Shock Ultra… What is the reason for this? How can i change it? I want the real german D-XXXX registrations for all aircraft :wink: Thanks!

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this.

I would like to suggest if the ATC options (callsign, Registration, flight number) to be persistent by aircraft, so when I go from a Cessna to an A320, I don’t need to go to ATC options all over again. It would be even better if the ATC options were Livery persistent, but if you can make by airplane would be great as well.