Aircrafts from SAGQ : Canadair CL-215T and Canso PBY-5A

Found that at the office today
Dont know if it can help

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Thanks for theses informations, I will take care of it :sunglasses:

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Anymore updates on this aircraft?

Latest version on the web site is v0.8.0

After 6 months of uninterrupted work on this aircraft, I also need to change my occupation for a while, just to clear my mind … :sunglasses:
I took a long break during August and after a Covid in September I decided to extend this break by tackling a project that was close to my heart and that I will tell you about soon.

It is once again a very famous Canadian aircraft… There will be a WIP version to wait for some time. :innocent:

As for the CL-215T, I’m talking with an old French pilot who worked on this aircraft. The turboprop is an engine that I have never tried to simulate and there is a lot of work to do on the flight model side. :hot_face:

The Canso isn’t abandonned, It’s just a question of taking a break to get motivated again, because this project was started in 2010 and you need to take a break from time to time to get motivated again.


Good to hear. Take your time to get the motivation back. I’m sure I and a lot of forum flyers will be very happy when you return to the Canso and crank up the quality even a notch further.

Just found this aircraft yesterday and had a great time flying it around today. Where I live there are numerous seaplane bases in the area, so flying around the area has been fun. Question if anyone knows if I set something up wrong - After landing I retard the throttle to the minimum but the RPM’s barely drop below 1000 RPM. I would expect a value between 600-800 RPM’s with the throttles closed, but I haven’t been able to achieve this. It makes some very long landings on the water as slowing down takes thousands of feet since the engines are still propelling the plane in a forward motion. This is mainly an issue for me on the water as the brakes can slow down on land.

Thanks @LagaffeVFR5476 for this aircraft! I can see many great flights for me in the future!

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The flight model and especially the behaviour of the engine at idle are very delicate points under MSFS.
We should have had a correct behaviour of the seaplanes since SU10 and I am still waiting for a coherent behaviour.
The simulator is not yet stabilised and this aspect will be the last to be dealt with after the textures have been switched to PBR format.


Thanks for the update. I agree that seaplane behavior in MSFS leaves something to be desired. Thanks for your continued work on this project! @LagaffeVFR5476

Hi, any update for this marvelous project ?

He just gave updates a few days ago in the posts above…

anxiously awaiting for updates to the canso. is it still being worked on?


I usually work on several projects at the same time, by professional deformation and also to oxygenate my mind from time to time.
Working 5 hours a day on the same plane for more than 6 months and solo leads to a certain lassitude, a lack of objectivity and so I have to change project to get interested in something else, just to start again with a fresh eye.
This Canso, I started it in 2013 so it’s been a while and I would finish it.
These days I’m working on an improved Beaver, from the model provided with FSX and mainly a cargo version for bush pilot.
I expect to be back on the Canso by the end of January as I’ve been working on this Beaver for about 6 months since September.

All my planes are freeware so I am not in a hurry to choose a release date :innocent:


Many thanks Lagaffe and happy 2023!

Same as “SlippedSheep437”
Thank you very much Lagaffe and happy 2023!

May be I missed something but I did not find an AP HDG indicator on the gauges. Is there one? And if not is it possible to add one in a future release? Thks a lot.

Indeed there’s not any at the current state, though not sure the Canso has one in RL, just that the real usually get a Sperry we don’t have here, however there’s already the Bendix-King like autopilot present in the sim.
So we have to wait until the author will come back to this project in the future and if this is easily doable, as it requires to edit again the 3D model plus adding code for it

Anyway, the logic is already there to follow the heading properly, just checked using the external Air Manager Instrument “Cessna 172 - Heading” which works nicely for this purpose with AP ON in HDG Mode :

Thanks a lot. For now I use Pilot2ATC, it has an AP windows where I can check HDG value.