All you do is complain complain complain

Some things never and never change in people. I know that all flight sims (x-plane, FSX, and any others that you can name) all had their issues when they came out and still do. Go back and look at the forums with people griping and complaining that it’s garbage. You cannot have perfection with all of the given variables with a flight sim. I’m sure that they are well aware of major problems but even working 24/7 will still not probably get it done so cut them some slack or if you have the experience apply for a job as they are hiring. I’ll bet you are the type who complains about everything in life. Sit back and take what’s given to you and enjoy the development.


Experience?! What do you mean they did make the game for the movie Up. That’s about flying… (sorta)

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Just a joke moderators!

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personally i prefer to get stuck on the old and ugly engine but with study level aircraft instead of
wasting time on this sim that only teach me wrong and/or unrealistic way to fly


Time to develop this sim? This had to be done before Release!

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Come on, Asobo can make a different flight model mode for people who wants to play a video game if there is a demand for that, exactly as they did with modern and legacy flights models in the current sim. About the graphics, it would be totally stupid to dumb down MFS2020 graphics to suit xbox specs, specially because they worked hard to bring the sim as it is now, and a company is normally not making a good product to demolish it right after, it makes no sense (Remind that this sim’s graphics are tweakable to suit almost every machine now, this is not for nothing)

Maybe you should take some steps back and stop considering asobo devs as evil’s children.


I have always thought that the main purpose of this Forum was for people to moan and complain about just about everything.
I am very reluctant to offer an opinion about the flight dynamics or even the general feeling of flying in FlightSim compared to real life.
I am qualified as an Aircraft Inspector, have a PPL and do check flights.
I happened to mention that the Cessna 172 cockpit in VR just seemed to me to be about two thirds too small which of course was just a subjective opinion .
I was also given a series of lessons about adverse yaw and side slipping.
So moaning and complaining seems to be the order of the day.

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(Lol a joke to lighten the day thats all)


i dont even think Microsoft, is really interested in making quick Profit by selling a “game” - what they really want (IMO of cause) is having MSFS as a prestige/showcase project and demonstration of the power, their Azure Cloud services can deliver. Selling Azure Services to large Companies is, what makes them the big money. And that demonstration (like: “there is no project too big for our services - see: we can even simulate the whole world”) has to look as nice and shiny as possible.

just my two cents …


I’m with you 100%

I agree with alot of the complaining stuff here. I even complain myself! But reading this while i’m cruising @11000 feet just above some clouds in france in the da-62, i realised that miscrosoft brought back the game i loved so much as a child. Dreaming about being a pilot and discovering the virtual world. Being excited everytime a new microsoft flight sim came out. 1000’s of flights from meigs field flying around chicago.

No mather how much this release is messed up and full of bugs. And no matter how much i complain. There’s also lot’s of times that bring me back to that childhood excitement. So… We can complain as much as we think we need to, but also remember to be gratefull to microsoft and asobo too to bring back this legendary frenchise after al those years👏

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You got a good point and maybe it’s the only reason they dusted off this old franchise. NO ONE ever got rich off of flight sim games. It’s too small of a niche market. They (simmers) will pay dearly, but it’s not a mass market. who knows…

Guess this does not constitute as discussing the people, rather discussing the sim? I must not know how to read the community rules.

Anywho, I’ve said this in different posts prior and will repeat.

The sooner all the so called fan boys start looking at the people complaining as nothing more than frustration the sooner we can end these conversations. We all want the same thing. No one is trying to sabotage Asobo here and if negative forum posts by some Internet warrior was all it took to demotivate and put your company out of business then there are bigger issues there.

The mood in here is directly affected by the current state of the simulator and human nature and our social ways being the way they are, fear dominates our actions. When things are good people are not afraid and therfore more passive, also most likely more concerned with flying. When things aren’t good the fear and frustration kicks in and they need an outlet or a forum if you will. Everyone wants to be heard, just like you.

I tend to only visit the forums, either when I am posting about my flights, which reflects the enjoyment the sim gave me or I am here looking for solutions to problems. Currently its about split even. The day that scale tips with more enjoyed flights than frustrations is also the day the mood of these forums and what I see here will change.

Since there are so many ways to enjoy the sim, the experience we all have will be massively different. If you want to go sight seeing this is the next best thing to actually going and visiting the spot, if you have limited sim and no real life flying experience this is a great start and therefore a great experience, if you are a hard-core gamer and not a simmer then it is a combination of awe inspiring visuals with performance issues, if you have flying experience or if you want to conduct an IFR jet flight, then its mostly riddled with frustration.

Also, if someone’s Mercedes has problems, telling me them to go back to their Honda is not the solution.


Where did I say that?

enable VSync, should fix the tearing.

I don’t really understand the point of this topic…I thought any active forum would be for and against it’s subject matter, so lets complain away and sing praises as well if we need to. I’ve read both here.
I love the Sim, but only because of the graphics. They are so good (most of the time) that I can ignore (sometimes) the dodgy aircraft behaviour etc etc. There is a long way to go until this is a great Flight Simulation and I for one will complain when after every update something else seems broken compared to before.
I still come back for more though and am blown away by the look of the sim every time I do!


I like to take a Cessna Longitude and fly between buildings at 300kps. You can and make you’re own entertainment out of it for sure. Good practice anyway.

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All you do is defend, stan, fan, sugarcoat, and hype a multimillion dollar company when paying consumers feel they received a mediocre product for the money.
This can always go both ways…complaints are good along with constant kudos and hugs.:upside_down_face:


I uninstalled it last night after a lot of thought.

I’m really out of patience, and I’m pretty angry with MS / ASOBO. Why don’t you really have to explain anymore, everything is self-explanatory. The many fanboys who suddenly spring up like mushrooms here don’t change anything anymore …

I’ve never seen anything like it in almost 35 years of gaming. I’ve seen some game starts that were a disaster, but MSFS is an apocalypse. And from such a giant as Microsoft. You completely destroyed my trust within 3-4 months. I can’t get my almost $ 500 (Airports / Planes) anyway, at least the new PC was worth it;). In the future I will avoid MS products if I can. And unfortunately I have to say that as a former Windows fan, it hurts :(.

But it is absolute madness to now expect the users to lend a hand in the game files themselves … ??? Seriously now, what’s wrong with you in Bordeaux? ASOBO takes care of the problem and not us paying customers. The whole thing can be solved relatively quickly using a hotfix, but no, customers can now wait another 1-2 months until the SU3 comes on? I wonder who makes such stupid decisions MS or Asobo …


I wish we were able to optionally upgrade to the next version. Wait and see if there are issues that might effect us. For me, the latest upgrade has ruined my VR experience - constant flickering even in the Menu screen. I have backups but can’t roll back to the version that provided such a great VR experience. NOT HAPPY!


There was a change made in this update that caused screen tearing if you don’t have VSync enabled. Maybe that influenced VR as well. Have you tried setting VSync on? or isn’t that an option in VR?