Alternatives to ForeFlight

Hey, im looking for an alternative software like ForeFlight. Maybe also for Android but it should be lile ForeFlight.

any Ideas?

Thanks and greetings, trickedlist

I use FltPlan Go app on android. Just select FSX as the external simulator to get flight tracking.


I use Skydemon which I brilliant software on Android. I can use it both IRL and also with MSFS2020. There is a free app to link it to the sim. The details are here: [Tutorial] How to Link SkyDemon to FS2020 for free

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okay, does skydemon need payment?

I just took the plunge on Navigraph and it’s really good. It can do most of what Foreflight can but is also more optimized for the sim world. I’ve only been using it for a few days but so far the integration with both MSFS and SimBrief for flight plans has been flawless. It seems a bit pricey upfront (cost me about $94 for the year) but I think it’s worth it. The Jeppesen charts alone would cost you probably twice as much if you bought them directly and you still wouldn’t have flight plan integration or the moving map.

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Skydemon is a subscription service. I pay a monthly subscription but get good use out of it both in real life and in the sim world. Another alternative maybe Little Nav Map which is free to use for MSFS2020.

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FltPlan Go is free. It has all the latest charts, notams, TFRs, weather, etc… It is a tool used by real world pilots that happens to have a plugin to stream location data from MSFS.

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littlenav map

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What do you mean “should like Foreflight” ? What feature(s) of Foreflight are you looking, I guess, for free ? What type of flying are you doing with MSFS ? Where are you flying mostly (some free France only alternative for example as VFR preparation and moving map tool) ?

I agree. I have used it for a couple years now on an android tablet. Works great here in the US, have not tried in other countries. Especially like the WX overlay. Yesterday it matched perfectly with the live weather in Texas.

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FltPlan Go on an android tablet/phone is what you’re looking for. VFR sectionals (or Jet Hi/Low, OSM, other charts) with waypoints, approach plates etc you can OVERLAY on the map while flying. It’s a real flight navigation app, but they’ve made it so you can use it with flight Sims.

Tracks your aircraft along the route. It has airport diagrams which you can also use to taxi as it will also track your aircraft on them.

It’s free.

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Yes i have downloaded Fltplan Go. I think its good for US but in Europe theres a lot missing, arent it?

Yes. Unfortunately that wasn’t listed in your requirements. FltPlan Go has US, CA

Your best bet will be using the web server function in LittleNavMap, once you download VFR maps for EU, to use on your phone/tablet.

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I’ve been using Avare for Android for a few years, and published instructions on how to connect it here

I’m not familiar with using it in Europe, but I do believe they have support for Europe, you can find out from their user forum and start your research there.

The software is free, but they do appreciate donations however small to help them continue to provide free database updates.

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