AMD/3080 Performance Question

Hi all! I am running MSFS on AMD 5800x 3080 and 32GB ram and I feel like my performance is not what I should be getting. On high end settings I was getting mid 30s fps at DCA with the FBW. I feel like it was a lot higher before. I just reinstalled MSFS and did a clean install of the 3080 drivers. I am running this on dual 1440p monitors Anything else that I should do or is this what typical performance should be on my rig?

Same here, and for a many of us.

I’m going to have to guess at about a 12-15% reduction since the last patch.

Maybe the upcoming hotfix will help. Though my performance has always been less than I expect it should be for a 16-thread CPU which appears to be starving.

The discussion about these performance issues in the last developer Q&A lacked so much information that they could’ve just skipped discussing it at all in my opinion.

And what was the answer to the power draw and heat issues? “Just turn the settings down when you’re in the menus. You spend too much time there.” :roll_eyes:

I must admit I find many of the discussions of performance deeply confusing when compared to my own experience. This thread is a case in point. Consider:

I run a similar hardware setup with a lesser processor: I have a Ryzen 7 3700X with an RTX3080 on a 4K monitor. I run pretty much all Ultra settings, 100 scaling with 200 LOD settings. And I normally get mid 40’s FPS when flying single engine GA aircraft low (2,500ft) VFR or low-ish IFR. Higher up (say around 10,000ft) over relatively bland scenery I can get 50+ FPS. Very low over photogrammetry or when hitting cloud it can drop to low 30’s. I am 100% happy with this: the image is beautiful and totally smooth enough for me. I have done no fancy tweaking of settings or overclocking. I do not do multiplayer and only sometimes enable live traffic

The OP runs 2 x 1440 monitors which gives a total of around 7.4 million pixels. My 4K monitor has around 8.3 million pixels, so around 12% more. And yet I find that my performance is great. And the only CTD’s I had was when I had the Capture One issue: renamed the appropriate C1 file and all good again.

What’s the difference??? Why do some people have a good experience and others a bad experience with similar setups? Very perplexing…

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The difference is that you are 100% happy when your FPS can drop to low 30s. The original poster thinks his FPS should be better than that, and perhaps was in the past.


Very rarely (like <<5% of the time) and with Ultra settings on 12% more pixels. While the OP implies that this is what he gets apparently consistently with High settings on fewer pixels with a more powerful CPU. Is that not different?

I believe I’ve seen a thread or two (maybe a YouTube video?) discussing how to optimize the Nvidia settings to get the best performance from the 3080. I have one showing up this week; finally found one at a reasonable price. I also took the plunge on a 5800X3D that I got lucky enough to buy straight from AMD at MSRP. So… I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread with interest.

As I get my own experience with the new combo I’ll report back.

FWIW - I am upgrading from a 5600X paired with an RX5700XT on an X570 mobo with 32 GB 3200 ram and a1 TB NVMe SSD. PSU is a Corsair RM850x so I’ve got plenty of headroom for the new GPU.

It’ll be interesting to see if I get an easily noticeable improvement in performance.

The big difference SU9 has made for me is that I can no longer comfortably run at 200% LOD with my 5600X and RTX 3080. Low level in city areas I get 20FPS whereas before SU9 it it hovered around 30FPS.

So I’ve gone back to 100% LOD to get that missing FPS back.

I’ve seen a few fellow 5600X owners on this forum are on a race to upgrade CPU but I’m going to wait to see what the coming months bring, in terms of Asobo sorting these issues out.

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Also could no longer run LOD@200 I am on Intel running an 10700k and 2060super.Not only a noticeable lost in fps but SU9 has introduced microstutters when panning.Fluid in SU8

Yep… it was a “flip of the coin” for me with regard to the upgrade. The fact I could get the 5800 part at MSRP direct from the source made the difference. I’ve been very happy with the 5600X (upgraded from a 3600) and the 5700XT. It is a very “balanced” combo that has given excellent results.

The upgrade to the 5800X3D/RTX3080 is an indulgence, pure and simple. I enjoy building computers, and it’s been a couple of years. :slight_smile:


I’m definitely keeping my eye on that CPU and seeing what the consensus is once the dust settles on its release. With the new generation of CPU’s right around the corner prices should come down fairly quickly too. I didn’t want to upgrade CPU until there was a decent quantifiable difference in performance, not just a few FPS here and there.

Correct I believe I was getting in the 40s and no stuttering and now it struggles to stay in the mid 30s and be smooth

Identical system here although not sure about Mobo, ram speed and storage on your end.
But with 3200mhz ram on an M.2 SSD

I get around 40 fps on the ground at complex airports and 60+ shortly after takeoff.

I know some have issues with Nvidia experience installed, you can try the suggestions in this video if you like, others have had good results.

There is also going something on with SU9. Many others are having the same problem.

Same here.
I have pc build with 5950x , RTX 3080 10GB and 64 GB 3600MHz Ram…
I fly with PMDG 737 with 1080p monitor.
When I use “High-end” Global Rendering Quality, I got around 40fps on ground but the fps will drop to 10fps when takeoff. The fps did not increase even I reach the cruise phase.
I need to switch the Global Rendering Quality to Medium in order to got around 20 fps during the flight.

Actually, when I check the resource manager, the simulator only used ~7% of CPU and 1% of GPU.
That means the simulator did not make use of all the resources and provide a acceptable fps.
Really not sure what Asobo have been done about the performance optimization.

Your 3080 is designed to be a 4K card. If you’re only running at 1080p then the CPU will be doing all the hard work. There’s also reports out there that running 64GB of RAM can actually have a negative impact on performance. So all in all your set up isn’t hugely well balanced.

Yes. I know 3080 should be overkill for 1080p.
But the fps should not be that worst. The same situation have never happen in other game before.

I don’t think that’s a correct statement. I’d need to see empirical evidence backed by solid statistics (benchmarks) that show worse performance on 1080p than 4K with an RTX 3080 GPU.

It sounds like there is something else going on, that may be related to the recent SU9 Update and subsequent Hotfix. There are reports of performance degradation all across this forum, and others that cater to the MSFS community.