Another big patch. LOD still terrible compared with pre Alpha 1.6.x, which looked perfect

Every patch I report this in detail with screen grabs showing how it used to be - which was great - and how it is now, which is very poor.

Today I got a mail back from the support desk in reply to my detailed LOD report. And what did it say… “Take a look at the new Japan”.

Is that their idea of a fix for the generic terrible LOD everywhere now?

The superb LOD in the early days was possibly one of the greatest things about this sim compared with all the other sims in the past.

But they have thrown all that in the trash and no longer seem to care or respond to reports about it being hopeless now.

I still enjoy the sim when flying high or in poor visibility or night, but low level typical VFR flying, which used to be SO great, is now just a total letdown.

Ho hum.

I’m also losing faith that our zen reports are actually taken much notice of.


We should vote.

At least make a slider that can go over 200%.


Yes. Agree to both.

Anyone know how to set up a vote around here?

Although re the slider, I’m not sure the solution is that simple.

I have experimented with editing the json files and setting the LOD as high as 12, and although it increases the draw distance, it is still nothing like as good as the earlier alphas, which seemed to be able to draw to a distance where you never saw any popup, or at least not anywhere that the eye detected it. It was wonderful.

I think part of the problem is that a high percentage of the people here now were not in the alpha, and simply do not realise how good it used to be, and just what they are missing with the current releases. So many would probably not even choose to vote, thinking what we have now is OK.

But yes, let’s get LOD voted up.


congratz, u took the first step towards the true nature of things …

Can we still edit that config file manually to go over 200? I remember doing that first release version

Yes. See my editied reply above - but it still does not solve the problem.

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Yeah it is still doable that way. But for each change of LOD, I had to restart the game to make it effective.

How was it, compared with the first release version ?

This tweak, which I was very happy with being able to use on my system and had LOD distances looking great, may have been taken away with today’s patch. Doesn’t appear to be working now, but need to do more testing to be sure.

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Please raise it with the ZenDesk. Its the best way to get the devs attention. In their own words … Remember the forums are not the official platform for bug tracking .


As I said above, I have reported this in detail to Zendesk on every single release since it first went cr@p in alpha 1.16.x

Why don’t people read posts properly before offering advice…


LOD bugs thread has already been created. We already have 290+ votes.

As of today though, I have lost all faith for Asobo.


I just tested the LOD mod yet again on this release and it’s very poor. Th is is LOD 6.

I’m impressed you managed to make it through the last 3-4 weeks of prerelease with some faith left.


i have lod at 200 and i get 56 fps on japan (1080p all high - ultra exept shadows)
Before with lod at 200 i got 25 fps barely… somenting changed, but honestly, to me the graphic fell amazing.
The bugs are in the plane systems…


It’s a real shame. So much promise in this sim, and so much was delivered in alpha, yet now the quality continues to fall away, and the devs just don’t seem to be getting the message.

They seem to continue to lower quality setting separately from the controls which are exposed to the users. I notice a drop in antialiasing quality in thyis latest patch, and others are reporting poorer reflections too.


i have to say, the stuttering is a loooooooot less, also with lod at 200

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Sorry, I wasn’t meaning to refer to you directly, it was a general appeal to everyone to please raise these important issues with the Zendesk (the more the better) as it’s the best way to get their attention.

Some people might think that it’s enough to just discuss it on this forum, but there are no guarantees that it will get to Asobo with enough emphasis.

Perhaps I could have worded it better.

No problem. I’ll see if I can set up a vote for this.

OK we have a problem.

There are already two separate LOD vote threads in the Bugs forum, and they each have just 77 and 81 votes, which isn’t going to get the devs attention when other bugs have 600 votes.

I have already voted in both threads. I can only suggest that everyone else does the same and also reports this to Zen. The more the better…

I find myself flying at night and in poor vis more and more as the LOD is so useless in good vis at lower levels.

Surely someone is listening at Asobo?

But Why on earth they are allowing this situation to continue month on month is beyond me. It looks nothing like their trailers or Alphas.

Vote here

and here