Another choice of Kai Tak Airport scenery (Last day 1998)

From another developer:


Fond memories.

Wow, this is a good quality addon…

I’ve always wondered though… Why is the approach always coming from the Kowloon city side? Isn’t it easier to just approach from the Kowloon Bay since it’s an open water and fairly clear line.

That’s the real fun challenge of Kai Tak approach and the most popular. :blush:

Wind direction? No/limited go-around? Cheers.

Isn’t it related to the wind direction of that day? I thought for most airports around the world, takeoff/landing is determined by the wind direction.

Is anyone test it? what about the compatibility with Samscene HK?

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Yeah, it would be nice to know the compatibility of this with Sam Scene 3D Hong Kong City Times scenery.

About that, this might be off-topic from the payware addon. I only install SamScene 3D Hong Kong City Times, and Macau, and the WF Scenery VHHH with Navigraph.

But, I noticed that I have the Kai Tak runway appearing on my world map. I don’t know where this is coming from and I want to get rid of it. I was under the impression that Sam Scene 3D is using the current realistic Hong Kong, which means the old Kai Tak shouldn’t have a fresh runway paint on them as if it’s still an operational airport.

You probably have a freeware version of Kai Tak in your community folder somewhere, or it’s from the past when you installed Kai Tak.

Sam Scene 3D’s Hong Kong City Times never had the Kai Tak airport so I doubt that data is from their scenery.

SamScene’s Hong Kong actually includes a basic Kai Tak - in all versions except the one sold on the Marketplace:

Samscene store and Simmarket includes the option to install the VHHH airport, and the Kai Tak cruise terminal cannot be removed as it best represents Hong Kong nowadays.

Taken from: Hong Kong City Times for MSFS – SamScene3D

So it’s a very basic version of the airport, but that might be the problem.
SamScene also created an exclusion file that might solve the issue - it can be dowwaded from the same page I linked above. Furthermore I remember seeing something from him on - possibly the same file.

Yeah I’m happy with the cruise terminal. The problem is the texture underneath the cruise terminal is a painted runway. And on the world map, there’s a Kai Tak runway set as a valid airport as well.

No, I never installed Kai Tak since I’m never interested in it. I’ve checked all my community mods and none of them have Kai Tak in there.

Sam Scene 3D just put a cruise ship terminal there at Kai Tak’s location. Kai Tak is just a strip of land in Sam Scene 3D’s add on, just as it is in real life now. The exclusion file is for people that downloaded the freeware Kai Tak airport and wanted to exclude the cruise ship terminal from being seen.

I don’t understand…

Why am I getting both? I’m getting both the cruise ship terminal, and the Kai Tak runway stacking on top of each other. And the Kai Tak runway appears on the World Map as a valid and operational runway too. I want to remove the runway both on the world map as well as the scenery, I don’t want to remove the ship terminal.

I never install Kai Tak before, and none of the folders in my community have Kai Tak airport. So I’m not sure how it’s there.

Samscene 3D folder in my community is also only the Hong Kong City Times, and the VHHH (Which I have manually removed to make space for the WF VHHH). I wonder if it’s because I installed it from ORBX Central?

It is compatible.

  1. You first need the exclusion package from SamScene.
  2. Second, you need to rename the folders of the Kai Tak scenery in the community folder to appear after the SamScene folders (because this controls the order how the sceneries are loaded), e.g. by putting a “x” in front of the modelinstruments-airport-vhhx-kai-tak and the modelinstruments-airport-vhhx-kai-tak-imagery folders.

Disclaimer: I am the author of the Kai Tak scenery.


thanks for your answer,
great! :+1: :+1: :+1:

If you are interested in screenshots, here you can dive into a large number of them:

Great screenshots album.

Does the scenery also have checkerboard on hill? Those people who salute the airport for last time do not look real to me, but the scenery looks very detail. If there are some more static aircrafts with 1990s airlines logo (747, 777, MD-11, A300), it would look much better.

And the last thing is bring it to MarketPlace. I would be happy to buy there.

Yes, the checkerboard is there too. Its even visible on this screenshot:

I also have applied for MarketPlace, but I did not receive an answer until now. You - and I - have to stay tuned I guess :slight_smile:

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A little update for those who are interested:
An updated version is available on Simmarket, that contains these improvements:

  • Functional OLS (optical landing system) on the USS Abraham Lincoln in Victoria Harbour.
  • Ship lighting and runway lighting" on the USS Abraham Lincoln.
  • Added the radar tower at the end of South appron.
  • Corrected markings on the runway.
  • Re-added some lost scenery objects, which were hidden due to SU5 changes.
  • Improved the East Apron asphalt coloring.

The carrier’s OLS and how it is working is visible here:

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