Anti-Aliasing broken in VR after update

Has anyone else noticed that the anti-aliasing is broken after Sim Update 5? Try using a toolbar in VR and you’ll see how bad the anti-aliasing is even with TAA on. The Navigraph toolbar flickers now making it very hard to use. It was flawless before this update. Can anyone else confirm this issue?


There were some reports of this in the VR beta, with some folks having to manually edit whatever config file forces AA on. For some, it seems that the settings don’t get changed, despite the menu selection. I did notice that AA on menus looks non-existent, but in the sim, everything looked good to me. (I have a Rift S and use OTT to force ASW off and up the super sampling.)

I agree AA in the Menu is gone in VR, but the sim looks great (when it runs) lol with a G2 at 100% render scale in game and open XR.

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Noticing the same thing. I am glad that the CTDs are gone for the AMD GPUs. But, AA doesn’t work at all although my menu is showing TAA. Shimmers and jaggedness all over the cockpit instruments. Hard to read! Anyone found a fix for it?

Same here, shimmering with TAA is worse than before.

Running at native resolution in Quest 2, I still find that I need to DISABLE TAA to get the clearest cockpit visuals that look like proper native resolution (this was the same before the update). This does however increase the shimmering outside the cockpit. I think there has always been a strange interplay between the rendering, AA and the sharpening filter which is quite an effective upscale for those running below native resolution, but means you can never achieve a perfectly clear image even at native resolution…

What about Oculus tray tool or debug tool and developer mode?
do we still need to use those after the update?

Same problem with AA for me too.

Seem to have no anti-aliasing in the cockpit or menus here too. Whole VR experience seems worse in general strangely.


I noticed lack of anti aliasing in the menus, when opened during a flight. Cockpit seemed to look fine to me though.
I will try changing the AA settings see what happens…

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Agreed. Cockpit looks nice and sharp with aa off but the shimmering outside is rough.

Most of the shimmering outside will be fixed by setting reflections to off. There will still be some shimmering through the prop.

Interesting. Is that how you fly? Reflections off? DLAA, FXAA or totally off?

TAA as usual - but the shimmering on buildings itself (at least in my tests with Reverb G2) seems unrelated to AA, it’s simply the reflections setting. Currently the reflections seem to want to track your head movements (even jitters, like we have in VR), causing shimmering (on buildings, windows, rivers, etc.). This applies only to the world outside shimmering! I haven’t tried the Navigraph toolbar…

Confirm the same issue for me


Same. TAA broken. It looks really awful with the jaggies.


The same for me. Taa is broken in VR. An the visual Quality is aweful. I hope they will fix it.


I’m using an Index and I see an overall visual downgrade that is as drastic as the upgrade some folks were reporting when setting 200% render scale in PC settings (which never worked for me.) The lack of anti-aliasing in the menus is bad enough, but it isn’t just the menus.

Before SU5 I was running with VR render scale at 80, which gave me a good balance between image clarity and performance. With the patch I was seeing a decent performance boost, however when I set the VR render scale to 100, which gives me graphics about as clear as I had before the patch, I’m now seeing performance that is worse than pre-patch. So all in all this is a net downgrade for me.

Needless to say, I am disappointed with this update. It seems like VR was a complete afterthought. Hopefully they will take time now that the XBox is done to give VR some attention, and that the AA issue is something easily addressed. I’m guessing that it is the main source of the visual downgrade, and if it is fixed I could go back to my previous render scale setting and benefit from the performance improvements.


Anti Aliasing is definitely broken! Menus are horrible, and it does effect the visual Quality while flying as well. The racing sim “Iracing” did the same thing in one of their builds about a year and a half ago. It took them months before they corrected that error.

VR headset, Reverb G2


Yes for me the same. The Antialiasing in VR doesn’t work. So much shine and flicker. Also with render scale 100. I hope they will fix it soon. With this terrible shine it isn’t playable for me…

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There is nothing wrong with AA on my system. That means it’s not the game, that means it’s a setting or something else on your setup.