Any Updated Massachusetts Airports?

"Cape Cod is a geographic cape extending into the Atlantic Ocean from the southeastern corner of mainland Massachusetts, in the northeastern United States. Its historic, maritime character and ample beaches attract heavy tourism during the summer months. This combination scenery pack contains eight hand-built lighthouses, four customized airports and surrounding area scenery improvements.

Lighthouses: Chatham, Race Point, Highland, Monomoy, Stage Harbor, Wood End, Nauset, Long Point
Customized airports: KPVD Provincetown; KCQC Chatham; 2B1 Cape Cod Airfield; 5B6 Falmouth Airfield
Numerous static aircraft models with area specific liveries
Approx. 65 miles around roads replacing satellite imagery. Almost entire Interstate 6 along the whole Cape. Chatham airport road, MA State Highway 28, East Harkwick all major roads
PBR Textures
Surrounding area details: animated people, extensive boats, lighting corrections, beaches & piers, extensive tree corrections, beach grasses, water texture corrections

Items that will be included in future updates:

Chatham compass rose lettering expanded

Cape overpasses along highways"

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This is now on – Stealthy Duck » Cape Cod Airports Pack » Microsoft Flight Simulator

I was going to check it out this weekend but then I saw a weird comment from the developer accusing someone asking a question of being a competing developer?? That was definitely offputting, but if they are really quality I might think about getting them down the line.

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Fly Tampa just released a bunch of screenshots on their FB page. KBOS is looking amazing. Hope all that pretty scenery won’t come at the expense of frame rates.

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An incredible update!

  • “Added custom-modelled (sic) maintenance hangars for American, JetBlue, and Delta at the North Ramp”

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and it looks like it’s out?

Edit: Installed it. Will check it out after work

It does look like it doubles some of the RKbridger scenery sadly.

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I also have Aerosoft Simple Traffic, the gates look great populated Rex Weather Trees and Textures installed and running along with a few other mods, everything is awesome, couple of bridge squares out of place, nothing at all to write home about. I wish RKBridges could figure out how to get the cars to take the go around at GE instead of Evil Knieviling it. :wink:

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FYI, there’s a new KORH Worcester Regional out today from MXI Design. Looks pretty good to me. I have no experience with their work – it’s mostly Greek/Turkish/Balkan airports, so this is a bit of a departure for them.

Available on Simmarket for about $14. I’ll give it a day or two to see if it comes out on Orbix, as I prefer their installer…

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For whatever it’s worth, the Fly Tampa KBOS is stunning. I think it’s probably the best aftermarket airport out there (maybe tied with the DD KDCA). I have a decent machine but it’s certainly not a beast and I haven’t seen the framerate hit that others have mentioned. If anyone’s on the fence, I suggest that they go for it.

Now if someone will just do a high quality (or even just a lower level upgrade) of KPVD, I’ll be a happy camper.


Has anyone tried the KORH yet?

Now that summer is here, one thing is missing from coastal New England waters - boats. Are there any mods out there (or is there a setting in the sim) that provides some boats? Plymouth harbor was pretty packed yesterday when I was down there. Looks a bit odd flying over it and seeing it empty.


If I’m not mistaken, I though this was mostly commercial vessels. That’s not a bad thing but I was really hoping for something that would provide the hundreds of pleasure craft that are typically in coastal waters and harbors during the summer. Don’t even have to be moving, just static boats would be fine.

Yea it will add a few sailboats though

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