Anybody getting tiny stutters on ground after WU6?

So everything was running smooth as butter before WU6.

After WU6 everything looks amazing and the dreaded popins is mostly gone.

However, I’m now experiencing very tiny stutters which occur only when taxiing around in airports. Once I take off, everything is butter smooth. But while taxiing and making turns you see the tiny stutters as the image is moving. Even though my fps is always at 45-60 fps.

I only fly airliners and this is happening with the FBW A320.

I’m running everything on high with clouds and offscreen cache on Ultra.

So, is the sim broken again for airliners performance again or am I missing something?

My specs;
i9 10900KF
RTX 3080


Yeah,I’m getting similar when Taxing…


Same here. Above 300 feet it is like 60 fps, but on the ground, I often get stutters even at airports with not too many objects. I even suspected that grass might be responsible, but it is not the case. No idea what causes it. I am on 5800x, 3080, 32 ram, SSD, 1600p ultrawide.

Edit: can you edit the title, to “stutters only on the ground”?

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Done. Thanks!

Those stutters get really horrible in external view when panning the camera around. In the air nothing, on the ground is cannot smoothly move the camera around the aircraft.


Turn photogrammetry off.

Search post - Poor performance on the ground

You can vote on it as well


Thanks. That is exactly the issue. Voted in that thread. I will try with photogrammetry off, but I experience stutters also in areas without any photogrammetry. Lets see if that is really in issue.

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I am experiencing the same thing on the ground too …… I noticed during the stutters my gpu and sometimes cpu drops to zero usage but it’s mostly the gpu that drops to zero and then back to 100% usage and also I noticed while doing long haul flights after a couple of hours the gpu slows down to 35-40% usage until I change a setting (I switch from live traffic to off line and then back to live traffic) and it works fine again 100% usage again. It’s really annoying.

Running a 2080 super (until my 3090 comes lol)
10900k @5.2ghz
32gb ram 3700 CL16
Nvme 980 pro
4K on custom mix of settings (mostly high/ultra)

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I’m not sure if this workaround still applies to get rid of stutters after WU6. But maybe you could give it a go?

This is an old fix for an old issue. Before WU6 everything was running perfect. I tried as recommended by others to turn off Photogrammetry and it solved the issue. So it looks like Asobo needs to fix this again.

Hopefully enough people vote to get they’re attention

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Ahh, allright… photogrammetry’s bad anyway… so I guess that’s a win win. Hahaha.


The solution: to load the photogrammetry in a separate background thread.

Hopefully it can come with the next sim update.

Ok, so after continuing to test, the tiny stutters are still present wen taxiing around even with photogrammetry off.

So it looks like it’s not the same issue as others are having.

The stutters only happen with the FBW A320, but if you ask the guys at FBW they say it’s a MSFS issue.

When using GA planes it is smooth.

When I use the default A320 there are stutters you tou almost can’t even see it.

Seems like I’m back with the SU4 stutters but with the better SU5 fps.

Again, mostly have the issue with airliners, especially FBW A320.

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I’ve reinstalled twice now before I found this thread. Horrible stutters on the ground even where there is no photowatssamajig scenery. Was perfect in 5 but unflyable in 6 till over about 300ft. Stock aircraft and PMDG DC 6 which cannot get the speed to get airborne!
Should add I’m on beta W11 but I was on that also with W5.

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Turning photogrammetry off solved issue here

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Hmm, how do you get to 300ft if it’s unflyable, I wonder?

To the topic: Cannot confirm, I haven’t noticed anything on my end thus far. Will see today again how the performance is.

Stock struggle but PMDG remains grounded.

If you try hard you can make it. I get 1fps per second, right below around 300ft and immediately 60fps above. 1fps/sec reminds me of simulators on commodore 64 (yes, before amiga or PC).

Obviously without photogrammetry it is silky smooth on the ground and everywhere else.

I’m also seeing the stutters on the ground since WU6.

I’ve had virtualization disabled on my system forever now. It never made any difference whether on or off to be honest. Didn’t help with stuttering before SU5, and with it off, I’m still getting ground stuttering with WU6.

PG isn’t the issue. You get the stuttering even if you’re in a non-PG area.


Ok, so I know this may sound weird, but I was able to get butter smooth performance by settings all settings to Ultra. So basically just use the ultra preset and make sure cockpit refresh rate is set to high too.

For me this made everything run smooth.

When I lower some settings to high and medium, the tiny stutters return.

No idea what’s happening but it works.

Still get 40 fps on 4k tv so i’m happy right now.

Sim is amazing right now

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