Anyone flying around the ATL area how much ram do you have?

Some of us are getting performance issues around KATL.
I’m running a 10700K not OC
32gb 3200mhz
2060super OC.
Is it worth to upgrade to another 16gb or 32gb.
The area eats up so much ram and I get so much stuttering.
It’s butter smooth everywhere else.

I have 32gb. KATL and the “big three” Cali airports (KSFO, KLAX, KSAN) are almost guaranteed fps drops/stutters due to the heavy photogrammetry. Everywhere else, very playable+smooth.

No issues with KLAX,KSFO,KSAN.They are a bit of stutters during first load but it’s smooth overall
Definitely KATL is worse.

KLAX is a frame eater for me, and KSFO to a lesser extent. I have little issues with KSAN and I fly out of there at least once a day. It eats frames, but nowhere near as bad as other locations.

Honestly, it’s a known issue about KATL. I’ve got 64 GB in my system and avoid that airport like the plague. RAM makes no difference. I used to fly in and out of KATL all the time and it was no worse than KLAX. Now KATL is a single digit slide show for me.

There’s something in the game broken making it that bad, as it wasn’t that way before.

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ATL is an unrecoverable FPS killer due to many bugs. See: Something wrong with Atlanta, GA?

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