Anyone recognise this place? 76T Work around

Check with the debug option Show FPS instead. I had the same conclusion (few posts above) but it turned out that my FPS counter (geforce experience) was displaying wrong information.

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I’ll see what the in-game fps counter reports with Object Editor on and off.

It says a lot about how FS2020 is coded that something seemingly unrelated completely fixes the performance bug. What fricking house of cards of a game engine/code Asobo has that this, of all things, does the trick?

I’m really afraid of patches to come.

As Coppersens said, maybe opening the scenery editor disable a lot of things, culprit included.

Awsome thanks. Now I am stuck in a camera attached to the tail of the aircraft. Working through each hurdle slowly but surely :smiley:

Just use the button to switch camera and you’ll be in the cockpit (‘view button’ on a X1 gamepad).

This is why each and every last customer for this sim should be upvoting the movement to have an open beta channel / stable channel similar to X-Plane.

Add your vote here:

Add a beta version players can enable before releasing a patch - Self-Service / Wishlist - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums


Voted, thanks for pointing this thread out.

Hi , i am among those who suffered fps drop\stuttering etc. after the last update , i tried this method and works for me ( i7-7700k@4.20\16gb ram\nvidia 1080ti\ssd drives\good internet connection) , even if the nvidia shadowplay fps counter and ingame fps counter give different values (40-50 ingame - 60\71 shadowplay) the improvement is undeniable in my case , obviously I have no idea why such a thing managed to mitigate my problems but hey , thank you very much for the hint!

This is actually hilarious, just tried it and jumped to almost 60fps at 76T

It worked for me.

Instant increase in FPS at 76T to my previous FPS.

Yes, I tested it at several other FPS dead zones and they were all smooth again.

Unbelievable but it works!
I’ve tested it on few other affected zones and it actually works on other low fps locations.
great find :slight_smile:

nice bit of work here to find a literal window into perhaps solving this pervasive problem.

I hope the zendesk has been alerted to it

It definitely does work! Did you accidentally find it or did you have a reason to suspect it?

I gave this a go in VR. It does seem to improve the situation. I found that the Statue of Liberty disappeared in NY though. Other POI in various places seemed fine as far as I could tell though.

this should be pinned

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Plus acknowledged by MS/Asobo. Would like to know that they saw this and are working on a fix


It wookkrks! Oh man, you will be the start if of this fourms soon lol. Did you raise a zendesk so they can be aware of the workaround and hopefully figure out a solution?

I’ll be giving this a go today, anyone manged to confirm it isn’t turning off all data? Are you still getting good looking scenery in the bigger cities etc.?

Thanks to the OP for sharing.

it works 100% and with no limitation ( at least so far).
Made a fast test on London City EGLC , from 40s i went to 60s-75 fps at ultra settings over the most high-demanding London building area.
Photogrammetry , terrain level of detail, texture quality, Bing data all in perfections as they were.
still trying to understand what exactly this scenery editor tweak make and increased fps everywhere.