Anyone recognise this place? 76T Work around

Nevermind, I think I figured it out. I guess you’re in slew mode when the scenery editor is started.

Probably the editor disables some features like bing data loading, multiplayer, or something else from the sim that costs performance.


I would understand if I had closed the Project, but I just collapsed a simple window here. :thinking:
This makes no sense. If I collapse the Scenery Editor window, I lose 20 more FPS.

EDIT: Same behaviour in the Main Menu.
EDIT 1: Looks like Geforce Experience is displaying wrong information. Numbers don’t match the one from the Show FPS option in the Dev Menu. Mistery solved I guess.

For the scenery editor workaround, how can I fly after I open it? Could someone help please?

At 76T, my FPS jumped from 2fps to 50fps with a 3600 + RTX 3070, defo looks to have worked, but now I can’t figure out how to fly :joy:

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@NoStrain Click Camera in the Dev Menu and uncheck Developer Camera. It sometimes get checked when opening the scenery editor.

Well, the workaround was effective in my case.

It’s super weird, though. When I open the Scenery Editor, the Object Editor also opens and I go from 2fps to 30fps. If I then close the Object Editor I gain another 30fps (60 total) and if I close the Scenery Editor I gradually go back to stutter hell and single digit frames. It’s not immediate after closing it, interestingly.

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Check with the debug option Show FPS instead. I had the same conclusion (few posts above) but it turned out that my FPS counter (geforce experience) was displaying wrong information.

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I’ll see what the in-game fps counter reports with Object Editor on and off.

It says a lot about how FS2020 is coded that something seemingly unrelated completely fixes the performance bug. What fricking house of cards of a game engine/code Asobo has that this, of all things, does the trick?

I’m really afraid of patches to come.

As Coppersens said, maybe opening the scenery editor disable a lot of things, culprit included.

Awsome thanks. Now I am stuck in a camera attached to the tail of the aircraft. Working through each hurdle slowly but surely :smiley:

Just use the button to switch camera and you’ll be in the cockpit (‘view button’ on a X1 gamepad).

This is why each and every last customer for this sim should be upvoting the movement to have an open beta channel / stable channel similar to X-Plane.

Add your vote here:

Add a beta version players can enable before releasing a patch - Self-Service / Wishlist - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums


Voted, thanks for pointing this thread out.

Hi , i am among those who suffered fps drop\stuttering etc. after the last update , i tried this method and works for me ( i7-7700k@4.20\16gb ram\nvidia 1080ti\ssd drives\good internet connection) , even if the nvidia shadowplay fps counter and ingame fps counter give different values (40-50 ingame - 60\71 shadowplay) the improvement is undeniable in my case , obviously I have no idea why such a thing managed to mitigate my problems but hey , thank you very much for the hint!

This is actually hilarious, just tried it and jumped to almost 60fps at 76T

It worked for me.

Instant increase in FPS at 76T to my previous FPS.

Yes, I tested it at several other FPS dead zones and they were all smooth again.

Unbelievable but it works!
I’ve tested it on few other affected zones and it actually works on other low fps locations.
great find :slight_smile:

nice bit of work here to find a literal window into perhaps solving this pervasive problem.

I hope the zendesk has been alerted to it

It definitely does work! Did you accidentally find it or did you have a reason to suspect it?