Anyone recognise this place? 76T Work around

I gave this a go in VR. It does seem to improve the situation. I found that the Statue of Liberty disappeared in NY though. Other POI in various places seemed fine as far as I could tell though.

this should be pinned

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Plus acknowledged by MS/Asobo. Would like to know that they saw this and are working on a fix


It wookkrks! Oh man, you will be the start if of this fourms soon lol. Did you raise a zendesk so they can be aware of the workaround and hopefully figure out a solution?

I’ll be giving this a go today, anyone manged to confirm it isn’t turning off all data? Are you still getting good looking scenery in the bigger cities etc.?

Thanks to the OP for sharing.

it works 100% and with no limitation ( at least so far).
Made a fast test on London City EGLC , from 40s i went to 60s-75 fps at ultra settings over the most high-demanding London building area.
Photogrammetry , terrain level of detail, texture quality, Bing data all in perfections as they were.
still trying to understand what exactly this scenery editor tweak make and increased fps everywhere.

It works !!! thanks !!! It really looks like a fu… joke to let a bug like that fly.

Now Asobo has absolutely no reason to go out without a fix QUICKLY !!!

Edit : I just updated my ZenDesk ticket we this thread, I hope all people with ticket open are going to do the same.

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I’m actually more scared about the “official asobo patches\fixes” than the unofficial community workaround… “achievement unlocked” i guess…


Awesome that some workaround has been found. God job, pal. I can’t test it as of now but can anyone check to confirm this doesn’t turn the graphics down?

Well, I noticed a few POI no longer render in my case (eg Statue of Liberty, Chris t the Redeemer) and some of the runways are no longer flat making landing quite the challenge :slight_smile:

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Will try inmediatly, hope it works for me too because I’m tired of this FPS looses and massive stuttering. ASOBO please take this in account and get the fix ASAP

Where is the Scenery Editor please?

Dev mode, start new project, then you can open it under the tools menu

Thanks, but do I have to save a project, or just close the project down?

That is incredible! What a find. Someone get Asobo to hire the OP

Sorry for the ping @RoyalTot but this could be helpful to the devs or they could just tell us what this is actually doing.


Yep, but now it’s asobo job to correct, we can’t do more than that !!!

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Okay it does help but the annoying stutters because of the thread limited are still there

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Good to know, cuz it must be doing something. Maybe its removing the mesh level of detail.

How do you activate Dev Mod in VR?