Arduino Plug & Play Solution

Hi everyone, I’m looking for a way to create plug & play modules using Arduino boards. I’m currently using Mobiflight, but seeking a way to script the Arduinos in a way where no interface software is needed (ie: Mobiflight, Bits and Droids,, etc) to be running in the background.

Is this even possible? If so, I’d very much appreciate any ideas you might have to possible avenues to accomplish such. I’m currently making a Garmin GM710 Autopilot replica and while Mobiflight works, I’d like to make some for a few friends that they can just plug and go. A pictures of my CAD design is below (made in Fusion360). I’ve also designed a custom PCB for it that will have a Arduino Mega Mini piggybacking on it.

I’m also very much open to collaborating with anyone with experience coding or perhaps making even a small custom interface software. I’d be happy to share my design files or even custom build something for you.

Many thanks and have a great day!


The only way that I know of to avoid any intermediate software is to have the Arduino emulate a bog standard HID joystick and do all the mapping in sim.

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Just doing a joystick emulation probably isn’t going to be enough for what you will want to do. Writing new software would be essentially reinventing the wheel. Wonder if you could just package up all the proper MibiFlight configuration files and distribute them with the panels?
BTW that is one nice looking panel, keep us informed on your progress.

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I agree with


I use the Arduino pro micro, which already has an integrated HID joystick. With an infrared sensor
and an old television remote control I can use it to send any commands to the simulator. Not nearly as chic as your panel, of course. In order to query the states in the simulator (for the LEDs) , you need a program on the PC that reads out the SimConnect interface and forwards the results to the Arduino.
That should be a lot of work.

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Thank you all for your replies. I agree with you guys that it seems the easiest solution for now is to pack the panel with the MobiFlight config file so the user simply has to open it and is ready to fly. As I had to order 5 PCB’s, I’m looking to give 2 to close friends and maybe sell the other 2 with panels, but do not want to infringe on any MobiFlight terms and conditions/copyright, though I was unable to find any information on their site regarding this matter.

Other than the “controls” interface ( aka joystick ) there is no other way to interact with the sim but using “Simconnect”
I am linking here to an versatile version of “joystick - buttons” or “only buttons” only “analogs” interface that is based on PIC 2550 . Works ok in MSFS.

Post 11/12.

And joysticks only communicate one way ( input to sim , as I understand it)

So , the interface is a must. Like mentioned here before.
But it should not be to difficult to program one yourself. Not at all. Definitely not too much work ( looking at your gorgeous panel design … should be no problem )

Such an interface programmed in C# and using the Serial port to comunicate ( two ways ) with arduino, will result in a nifty little executable that will but use any resources on the Pc running MSFS.
And you will be able to interact not only buttons but dialed values of your panel ( Traffic would be only comma separated strings according to your own protocol., for example)

I am writing here mainlly to encourage you to program the interface yourself. It is really not that difficult.
MSFS Simconnect is, apart from little differences , same thing as in FSX -Prepar … So there is tons of info out there on how to go about it.

Hope it helps.

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Hi, thank you very much for chiming in. I’ve seriously been giving making my own small exe more and more thought. I’m afraid the only coding experience I have is from many years ago, and only in Visual Basic. However, I do enjoy learning new skills and work hard at figuring things out. Your message has definitely inspired me to consider this even more.

Would it be OK if I PM’ed you on here?

Best regards.

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Of course ! anytime :wink:

To get a first impression, you can have a look at it here: