Are there any Virtual Airlines

Are there any virtual airlines for MSFS 2020? In my FSX days I have a lot of fun running and flying them probably 5 -10 years ago. I’d like to join one now. Back then we used va financials.

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I am quite sure there area. The only issue one will probably encounter is, that smartcars does not work for msfs currently. But as far as I understood, this issue is just a matter of time. In the virtual airline I am in you have to submit a manual pirep currently.

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I fly for Delta Virtual airline and AFR virtual. These VA use Smartcars and there is no problem now with FSUIPC 7 and MSFS 2020.


Do you recommend either one? Do either one have event or at least a channel to talk on? If so do ya have a link?

You will be welcome on A good bunch and you can fly on all sims where you want when you want or you can fly preset routes.,


If you like flying around Alaska, come check us out: Era Alaska Virtual We are a VATSIM member and use SmartCars.

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+1 For the Virtual Airlines :slight_smile:

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You may wish to consider


Oh well, I am flying for fly-virtual since 2016. It is a larger airline with a flight plan, that offers the greatest possible flexibility concerning to routes and Liveries.

What I personally would recommend, is to join a larger airline that suites your personal likes. You can have airlines with a rank system, with a training system and some even with a certificate system. But those definitely need a more robust size and a well equipped staff. You won’t have such a thing in an airline consisting of two or three people only probably. A good way to check their activity is to take a look at their current flights enroute. Just one or two planes enroute regularly would be too small.

When do you connect to SmartCars for the Delta VA? I tried doing my first flight 2 nights ago and it told me that SmartCars couldn’t connect to the sim.

Were you running FSUIPC? It must be run to communicate with SmartCARS.

You have to use FSUIPC7 for connecting SmartCars to MSFS2020.

You need the beta version for it to work

welcome on :v:t2:



I used to be quite involved in VA’s for a number of years but struggled with time due to a full time job. Interested if there’s anything decent in the Oceania region for casual flyers (Nothing too serious) that specialises in real world schedules.

(No particular affiliation with any particular Airline or alliance here)

You could try
Good active crowd, Fly what you like when you like where you like or try the tours.
Few rules (with the type of people that fly there they are not needed). One flight a month but if you do get taken off for this they will always reinstate you.

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@DeftestSundew71 Thanks! I’ll have a look when I’ve got a bit more free time to do some flying again.

You did say real wold schedules. It has several hundred airlines but the schedules are snapshots which is a good thing with so many not flying now. The owner updates them usually fairly often if he gets a chance.

@DeftestSundew71 Well, Pre-COVID Schedules I suppose!

The point is more that I like to have timetables to help me decide what to fly… for example, I’ve got a Sunday afternoon at my disposal, I’ll go and look at what my last arrival airport has departing on a Sunday afternoon and do that (If I’ve got the aircraft)

Or sometimes I’ll look for a flight I want to do and find out the time and schedule my day around that departure time. (That sounds quite tragic when I read it back :rofl:)


I am just as bad. And sometimes I will look of flightaware to find what is leaving and fly that as a custom route which you can do too.

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